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As Tara walked out of the room without anything as much as nodding her head, she saw the lady constable was standing with her daughter who was next to be interrogated.

Tara was flabbergasted! She said “What are you doing? She is just a girl and moreover she is shaken by the entire incident. How can you do this to my daughter?” Lady constable “Madam please let me do my job.” Tara “To hell with your job!” she called for Shekhar at the top of her voice. Listening to the commotion outside the room Java came out of the study. “What’s the problem? What’s happening here?” he demanded. Meanwhile, Shekhar also arrived at the scene. Tara “Shekhar how can you let this happen to our daughter?”

Turning her head towards Java she continued “She’s just 9 please keep her away from all this.” Before Shekhar could say anything Java said “Look Mrs. Dutta I am quite aware that your daughter is just 9 and she is traumatized right now. But she is also a prime witness to this murder case. Maybe she can lead this case to a new, solid evidence.” Tara “Fine, then I will be with her while you question her.” Java “Hahah no way Mrs. Dutta that’s out of the question. I want to talk to the girl alone.” Tara “But..” Java “If I want I can take her to my custody as a prime witness and take her to the police station to question her. Would you like that instead?” Shekhar came forward, and kept his hand on Tara shoulder and said “Its ok Tara, it’s just a matter of questioning.” Saying that he kneeled in front of Roohi and held her by her shoulders and said “You’ll be fine beta, don’t worry. Just tell the police uncle whatever he asks you. Ok?” Roohi nodded. Shekhar “Mumma and Papa will be right here just outside the door waiting for you.” Saying that he gave a hug and got back up. Java escorted Roohi inside the room and shut the door. Java “Come darling, sit here.” Guiding her to the chair in front of her fathers study table. Roohi sat down quietly and kept looking down. Java “What is your name darling?” It is not every other day he investigates small kids. However, in this case, the investigation of this 9-year-old was necessary. “Roohi” she replied. She looked at him with her tiny eyes which were clearly been scared. He liked it; he liked people being scared of him. Neither Tara, nor Jennifer was afraid of him. “Loohi… is that a name?” he mocked. “Roohi” she corrected.

“Okay, Loohi, don’t be scared, I am just going to ask you very simple questions. All you have to do is answer them correctly.. ok?” Roohi nodded in confirmation. Java “Just one thing, before answering my questions… think well and answer.” Java continued “So tell me about yourself.” Roohi said about herself and her school to him. He wasn’t patient enough for her to complete, and he wanted to move on with the important question, “What is your daily routine like?” Roohi was irritated by his impoliteness, but she was more scared then irritated. Roohi continued, “I wake up, dad makes me ready or at times Naina aunty does, and then I go to school,” she said without making an eye-contact with him.

Java asked impatiently, “Then…?”

“After coming home, I go to play, and then I go to tuitions and come back home, then eat and then sleep,” she said in haste. Java asked, “So how come you didn’t go to the tuitions today?” Roohi said, “While playing I got hurt and Cyrus bhaiya got me home.” “Hmmm… “ Java “What time does you mothers goes to work?” Roohi “By 9 AM” Java “And your father?” Roohi “He doesn’t work to work. He works from home.” Java “Oh I see. So he stays home alone with your Naina aunty? Err I mean use to?” Roohi looked up at him with a question mark on her face. Java looking at her sharping expecting an answer. She said, “I guess so.” Java “Ok never mind, tell me, who do you like more? Mom or Dad or Naina Aunty?” he asked with a smirk on his face. “Dad,” she said.

“Oh… You don’t like mom or Naina?”

“I like”


“Both” “Hmmm…”

“Does anyone of your family members fight with Naina?” “No” “Sure?” “Mom fought with her because Naina uses my mom’s things.” “Using mom’s things eh?” he asked with a chuckle and quickly scribbled something on his notepad. Java continued, “Sweetheart one last question, can tell me everything you saw this evening? Like where were you what were you doing? What were others doing? How did you come to know.. you know.. your Naina aunty is stabbed at her back etc” Roohi told him how she had an accident while playing the the park and Cyrus picked her up and got her home. Then she told him that she got bandaged and her mother arrived with Jennifer aunty. Then she was at her bedroom playing game in her iPad. Then suddenly there was a power cut so she got out of the room to look for Naina aunty as she was scared in the dark.

Naina aunty knows where the candles are. That’s when she saw her laying on the floor and there was blood, a lot of blood. She didn’t know what to do and went out to look for her parents. Java “Hmm.. and did you see anyone go in or coming out of her room?” Roohi nodded in denial. Java picking up his cigar from ash tray “Ok Loohi.. you can go now. I may call you again later. Kappish!!” he said playfully. Roohi quickly got up and walked towards the door. Java stopped her, she got scared, he came close to her and asked, “Did your papa, mama, or anyone tell you to not tell me anything?” She thought for a while and then shook her head.

“Okay, you can go,” he said, thinking it all looked too easy. For a girl, who is merely 9 years old and had saw a dead body in a pool of blood, was too calm and composed. Her answers sounded rehearsed too. Java thought to himself, “Hmm.. Interesting, very interesting. The rabbit hole is far deeper than I had thought. This is going to be so much. ~to be continued here

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