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We, the team Potliwale Baba, are writing a fictional story as a part of #CelebrateBlogging – Game of Blogs.


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Time passed really fast, it felt like it took just a moment for him to get back to the police station from the cafe.

Java took the key out from his bike’s lock, assuring himself that he’d locked it already. He marched inside the station to get a team ready for his final destination – Jennifer’s house!

A team of four male constables and one female constable was all that he needed for his this job.

“The idea of including a female constable in the team for that young lady will surely work; God only knows how she’d react when I inform her about this search. God am I a genius,” Java grinned to himself and walked out.

It was 4 in the evening by the time the pack of wolves showed up at the rabbit hole.

Java being the head of operations, knocked the door. As expected, a sleepy and dazed Jenny in her typical blue razorback and denim shorts opened the door.

“Hello Miss Jennifer,” Java smiled crookedly and entered her house, totally ignoring her presence with his team trailing behind him.

“What are you doing here?” Jenny asked with anger slowly building up in her voice.

“Nothing much. I, with my team here, wanted to explore the flat of the most talented ‘Photographer’,” Java replied while making sure to air quote the word photographer.

“What do you mean Mr. Jawalkar?”

“Well, I had this thought troubling me that your sudden meeting with Mrs. Dutta in the café couldn’t have been a mere co-incidence, so, being an intelligent officer enquired about your presence at the café from the manager of the same café and guess what…”

Jenny cut him off mid-sentence in a low tone.

“You found out about the truth, I know!”

“Bingo!!” Java squealed with pleasure, then quickly regaining his composure, “So tell me, why did you kill the maid Naina?” Java asked curiously.

“What the…! Hey! I did not kill her,” making sure her point was emphasized, she continued, “agreed I started going to that café because I wanted to meet Mrs. Dutta and get her to hire me as the photographer she’d been seeking,” Jennifer tried to fight back.

“Oh well, Jennifer, a thief would never say ‘he is a thief’, so as you. I don’t believe you. And if you know you’re clean, you have nothing to fear while we search your house and belongings,” Java said, all the while circling Jenny like a hungry wolf. He immediately ordered his team to start their work.

“What? Why? You can’t just search my flat like this damn it!” Jennifer yelled.

“Calm down young lady. Don’t worry, we’ve all the necessary orders and paper work done for you,” Java replied calmly handing her the search warrant.

Meanwhile, the team started rummaging through all things available. After going through the several drawers, lockers and bed-sides, Java was getting disappointed about not finding a single useful evidence until his eyes landed upon an old rusty, locked box.

Suddenly coming back to life, the two in him devils started, “Seems like, this is what you’re seeking for Java!’ the first devil’s voice spoke to him. The next seemed to be egged on with this and added, “Go on Java, make it your day. This is what you were waiting for!”

He mentally nodded and then turned to see now a totally color drained face of Jennifer.

“Miss, I want the keys and that shall be now!” Java ordered, gesturing his thumb towards the box.

“Well… uh… I have lost the key long ago!” Jenny’s stuttering voice was saying the truth about hiding a ‘truth’ and a major one at that.

“It is strange you keep a box and have not bothered to have it opened despite losing the keys! I’ve my own ways Miss Jenny to open such boxes, your loss!” Java laughed blankly and ordered one of his constables to open the lock.

“Sir! It’s open now,” the Constable called out to Java, who was staring at Jenny’s tanned legs with his eyes full of lust.

“I can see that you idiot!” Java scolded the poor guy for disturbing him, then moved towards the old box.

“Oh wow! Look what I found Miss Jenny, a gold mine! Would you like to guess? Oh forget it, you know it already, don’t you? Photographs of you and Virus, gifts and other proof of your invisible relationship with that Virus guy, seems like it’s my lucky day. Care to explain this Miss Jenny?” Java asked his target who seemed to be devastated and shivering by now.

“That was my past Inspector, leave it alone will you, ” Jenny replied, trying to form more words.

“Oh I see! I would like to see your cell phone and laptop as well?” Java demanded.

Jenny protested but then realized that it would be of no help against a lecherous bastard like Java. “Do I have an option? Here!” Jenny handed him her phone and laptop reluctantly.

He ordered his team to immediately pull out her call records from the mobile service provider and made note of her mobile number himself. After spending some time, which felt like few hours, on her phone and laptop, “Sorry again Miss Jenny, as per your explanation he’s your past, in that case, can you explain this?” Java asked her pointing to a folder on her laptop hard disk named ‘Our moments’ full of photographs of Cyrus and her.

By then, he had also received the call records with a list of frequently dialed numbers. “If he’s your past, can you also explain why have you made so many calls to him in the last few days?” Java asked this time with even more emphasis on his words.

“Thief… got caught red handed, now tell me the truth about why the two of you pretended to be complete strangers?” Java enquired.

“Enough Inspector. I’ve all our memories saved yet because I did not break up with him, he did. Cyrus and I loved each other over a year back. We were in a relationship, but he, due to reasons best known to him, called it off! And believe me Inspector, we hadn’t been in contact even once after that. I literally hated him after our break up. Had I known beforehand about his presence at Dutta’s, I would have never ever visited that forsaken place, I swear. I was surprised to see Cyrus in that house. In fact, he moved on.” Jenny stammered it all out, all that she could in one breath, with an emphasis on the last sentence.

While on the other side, the two voices in Java’s head had started teasing him again.

Turning to the left, trying to listen to the first one, “Interesting, Java, I bet she’s lying,” the first voice screamed.

“Or maybe Cyrus and Jenny are the main culprits behind this whole murder, Java,” interrupted the other voice forcing him to turn to his right.

The bickering continued for a while, each drawing Java’s attention more than the other. Finally, Java nodded his head to left, then to the right and shut off both the voices in his head at once.

“Hmm… Jenny and Virus… both had been behaving as strangers although they’ve had a romantic history… Interesting! A further interrogation is needed I am sure,” Java thought; then turning towards Jenny who now appeared to be shivering even more in fear now that her cat was out of the bag, he laughed triumphantly and came close to Jenny.

“Like I said before, I don’t believe you lady. Reach the police station with your lover boy tomorrow at 9 am sharp” pausing to give a thought, “and don’t think of giving it a miss, Miss, or you’ll be arrested,” he added while mentally slapping her on her hind side and relishing the feeling of doing it really.

“Come on people, let’s go!!” Java screamed and left the house.

Little did he know that the killer whistled and started to write

One word, four letters
changes our lives
One word, four letters
changes our lives
Stab my heart
And cut my chest
Take my heart
And eat the flesh
~continued here

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