I walked on the edge of the cliff,as my legs felt like a jelly. I took in a deep breath,hands trembling continuosly by my sides as I moved closer and closer on the path which was going to lead me to death,to an end where I was always destined to. My heart hammered against the cage it was kept in,when I stared down to the rocky water of the ocean,standing so still. It was sure that I would definetely going to die,if I jumped off the cliff.
But this was it. Wasnot it the end I’d ever thought to had? I never liked staying in here,in this living hell,this orphanage was not the place,I deserved to live in.
I just wanted my life to end. I so wanted to go up there in the heaven to live with my parents who were so mean to me,that they left me here on my own,with no one,absolutely no one to share my sorrows with,just this hellhole,which was slowly sucking out my life anyway. I didnot want to live here,where not a single person was ready to adopt me,why?
because I was not some obedient little kid for them,but a seventeen year old teen.
I moved my foot one step closer,feeling myself stop breathing.
It was now or never like situation for me. Behind me was nothing but bad passed memories and forthcoming moment would be my escape,yes my escape from this inhumane world.
If I moved just an inch closer,I would be falling down the cliff,into the icy and rocky waters,waiting for their new victim.
You can do this Anna. It’s what you wanted to do for so long from now.
I moved my left foot a bit further so that it was dangling in the thin air. A tear escaped my eyes,trickling down my cheeks slowly,like kissing it for the last time.
Suddenly I felt my body out of my control,as I felt myself fly towards the side,as I squeezed my eyes together tightly. I prepared myself for the coming impact. But no god decided to be more mean to me,as I found myself crashing onto dirt. I opened my eyes noticing that I was now at a good distance from the edge of the cliff. I so wanted to kill the person who decided to show up,when they were not needed.
As my eyes fell upon the familiar face of that person,I felt stabbed. Here goes my chance at school too. It was not like I was any popular,but I was a quiet kid,and always tried to stay away from ‘The Populars’,I had never experienced the bullying. But the guy hovering over me was the reason of making me feel scared.
‘Enid Rogers’-Yes that was his name,he was one of them-The Populars.
Enid was known as the school’s most likable male not just because of his looks but of his care towards the other not so popular kids and generosity. All the girls,almost all the chicks wanted to be his girlfriend,but I hadnot ever seen him with his arm around any of these or maybe any girl before. People say that he doesnot like to lead on girls,and is waiting for his exact match.
If you ask honestly what I think of him,then secretly I found his this belief and him so fake.
“What the hell do you think you were trying to do there?”-He shouted at me as I pushed his body off me.
My vision was still blurry because of the tears,as I wiped them with the back of my sleeve with frustration.
“Wasn’t it obvious enough for you to tell? If not then let me answer,I was only trying to fall off the cliff,to check whether I would die,or anyone would come to rescue me.”-I hissed at him,as I stood up,brushing the dirt off my coat.
“Everything was fine until you decided to show up here.”
“Well what made you think that I would sit and watch you jumping down the cliff?”-Enid asked me angrily.
He followed me like a lost pup as I tried to walk away. I got aggravated and pushed him hard,and he almost lost his balance too.
“You fucking don’t know me,not about my life either. If I want to kill myself,I will do that,and you are no one to stop me from doing that.”
I walked back to the edge of the cliff,as my both the hands shook by my sides.
“I’ll give you ten seconds to run away from here else you will be watching a live coverage of a girl committing suicide and will also witness my bloody body at the bottom of this ocean.”
Enid uttered nothing and stood still,while biting his lower lip.
I felt terrible,it would be so annoying for me to jump off this cliff infront of a boy,that too a Popular male of the school.
-To be continued 🙂 🙂

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