“Is this what your final decision?”-I snapped.
“Congrats Roger! You will be the first and last witness of my suicide.”
I moved more closer to the edge,and before I could jump,I felt one muscular and manly hand pulling me away from the edge. And hence failing my mission.
Enid pulled me backward.
“What the hell do you want?”-I screamed,now allowing the tears that’ve been there in my eyes I had no idea from when,to fall down my cheeks.
“Let me go!”
Enid glared at me,clenching his jaw tight.”I am not going to let you die.”
More tears welled up in my eyes,which fell down freely as I ripped my wrist out of his grip.
“Why? Why do you even care? You donot even know me.”
I sobbed.
“You are Annabelle Rose,a quiet girl that sits behind me daily in the chemistry class.”-Enid spoke.
“That’s it? Like really? You are trying to save a girl just because she sits behind you?”-I raised an eyebrow.
“Pathetic Roger!”
Evan pulled me closer,so closer that my chest pressed against his. His warm breath sent shivers down my spine,though I ignored this all. What the fuck did he think he was doing?
“Get the fuck away fro-”
“Give me ten days.” Enid started off.
“What?”- I spat while trying to push his body away from mine. But alas! He was strong and I was not.
“Give me ten days,and I can give you ten reasons for not taking this step.”
He paused.
“And if I won’t change your mind by then,then I will not stop you. You can go jump off that cliff.”
I pursed my lips-“You are got to be kidding me,right?”
“No! I am not,I am serious!”-Enid said with a straight face.
“Do we have a deal here?”-He asked hopefully.
“I don’t know!”-I bit my lip thinking.
“Do we have a deal here?”-Enid ignored me and repeated again his question.
I gulped as his piercing blue eyes met with mine. They looked so truthful,so genuine and sincere. Did he really trying to help me? Did he really save me?
I made my decision.
-To be continued
-Ritu ❤

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