CHAPTER ONE
“And she started her quest ,with him walking beside her. So serene it felt,
As they walked hand in hand,for a new sun was ready to shine over them”

I was panting hard,so hard that it seems my heart was involved in some battle,so far,and was trying hard to win by beating this fast. I’d reached my room a while after the whole incident that occured when I was trying to do something for me,but that enid guy interrupted.
‘No! Not actually interrupted anna,rather he tried to save you and you’ve got one friend as him too. Are you not realizing,how grateful you should be to him,for him being your saviour. You ran away from there,how is he taking your personality as?’-My soul rebuked me angrily.
It was not wrong either,enid was there when no one was. But did I do right today? Confusion tried to build its own web but I decided to go against it. Never in the past years,did anyone come like this,in an attempt of doing what,like trying this hard to save me from dying. I wondered if I should trust this guy or not,But not trusting him now was just out of the question.
‘Anna,if you can tolerate your dad,his taunts,his beatings,in those passed days then why not trust this guy,who is entirely different from your dad,your long-gone dad. Just don’t over-think about this. You have to move on Anna,you cannot lead your life this way always. Maybe,maybe enid is the guy,with the help of whom you would sleep peacefully,without those nightmares,which are always there ready to kill you slowly,with their venom,whenever you try to lay on this bed. Just think Anna,maybe,maybe enid is the guy,you have been waiting for.…’-My inner voice chided again,this time a little softer,but again a scold was indeed a scold.
I shrugged off all the thoughts and fell on my bed like a lifeless body,not wanting to wake again,ignoring all the callings ,coming from downstairs,probably Sister Georgia was getting worried for me. This time,it was not my decision to stay mute,but my mind’s!
When sleep overcame my thoughts,I felt so tired,so dead,that both of my eye-lids wanted to meet up again,I gave up in a hope to sleep peacefully tonight,a sleep without nightmares. Although I had no belief in this hopeless hope,still I gave in.
You are worthless”-screamed my dad.
‘Yeah,right now,I am,soon I will be not.’-I thought.
I’ve been facing all this since when all normal kids do what?play?learn what?stories?
And what I learnt ? How two opposite gender people do sex,how disputes occur,how bad-one could turn himself to,in using the worst of language,worst of abuses you’ve ever heard.
Well this can be surprising for you,but for me,no,it is not,I’ve become habitual,tired and fed up now from all this.
So today I am running away from this hell,this captivating place somewhat similar to a prison.
I donot care whether my mother would cry from up there watching me doing all this. I do not care whether my so called father miss me after my escape. Or no he’d probably consider himself the most happiest man alive on this darn earth. To hell with his happiness,It won’t affect my determination now,I will run away,far away from him,his house,his city,if possible from his country to a new country,a new destination,a new land,from where I bet I will show him who am I,show him what my real worth is,and most importantly prove him that I am not WORTHLESS. …”
I felt a burning feel entering through my right ear and the piercing pain,I got over my cheek made my senses return to the actual circumstances. I’d been reading this book for so long,that I’d almost forgot about him. Father was back from work,and the burning feel I felt was none other than his slap and he was standing so close to me,dangreously close,so that his alcoholic breath was attacking my nostrils. Great,could this night get any worse? Above all he was furious,his eyes were red like there was so much blood in them. I tried to stand up but his large hand pushed me down back on the hard wooden chair. This was not going to be any good.
“What the fuck you were doing here,reading this darn book? Do you have any idea since how long I have been calling your stupid name,you bitch!”-Dad almost crushed my foot while towering over my pale and not so fit body. Mom came running,from her room,when she heard voices,this loud. This was no new though,daily beatings,abuses and tantrums was all what I used to get in return of my muteness infront of them.
“What happened honey?”-My mom asked dad,scratch that ‘her husband’.
“This bitch! All because of this idiot,and her face,that my boss didnot promote me. Because of her only. And what she doing here, for what feel like hours,was only reading this damn book.”-My dad screamed at my mom,leaving her speechless.
My mother had never said a word against his tough guy,and at this crucial time too,she was standing there helpless,uttering nothing. How misfortunate could that be.
“I know tonight,what she deserves…”-My dad laughed an evil laugh then took out his belt while moving towards me with his weapon.
“Come here you girl…”
A voice entered my ears waking me up suddenly,as I found myself on the hard concrete floor. I rubbed my eyes and looked everywhere,where I could land my eyes upon,but found no-one.
Then it hit me,again those nightmares,yes again like everynight It was my dad who made me roll down the bed,and on the floor.
I sighed.
‘Hope these nightmares would end soon’.
Maybe from tomorrow,that guy would give me any valid reasons to love my life. Just maybe,I could only hope for the best.
-To be continued
-Ritu 🙂

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