“The more she tries to sort her inner turmoil,
     the more she found herself falling deep into the unknown abyss
     Only she knew,for her it was a bliss…”
I was sleeping peacefully,enjoying only the few peaceful moments of my life,before the monster’s arrival. But maybe,I’d slept enough and dreamt enough about my ‘would-be-happy’ life,because the monster was already there screaming at its peak over my head,standing so upright on my small table,near my bed-yes this monster was none
other than my alarm-clock. Waking up in the chilly morning was not less than a suicidal attempt for me,and whosoever try to wake me up was none other than an ugly monster,waiting for me with its jaw so widely open. I couldnot imagine waking this early during my weekends but my school demanded everyday the same sacrifice from me,and I,like a dumb I was ,always tried to live within the demands.
Today’s morning was going to be a slight different too,Enid would be coming to pick me up anytime soon and I was definetely not making him feel any weird about me like before,so I threw the comfy quilt off my now shivering body,so unwillingly. Afterall who else would try to get rid of their warm comfort,like me.
A shiver ran down my spine,when my bare foot touched the hard concrete floor of my room. Well in my past years here in this orphanage,made me feel jealous of those kids who were lucky enough to land their feet on fully polished softcore floor,unlike me. Though it was satisfying that during cold,be it a hard concrete,or a polished soft tiled floor,the windy air would for sure,make them feel atleast once,the same shivering as I was feeling while waking this early.
I moved towards the common bathroom,that was fortunately,not so far from my room. I,with a great difficulty tip toed on the hard icy land,not wanting to release a single purr.
In winters,I’d hated this daily compulsion of taking bath,but again It was not my damn house,where I could do anything I want. After all,not each and every want coulg get fulfilled,right?
I opened the bathroom door,which opened making an irritating creaky sound,now what could be more annoying than this? I mentally cursed the damn door and went in. I couldnot take any more of the shiverings and creaky sounds.
So I,immediately took out my old looking tooth brush,off the stand and applied a thick layer of minty paste on it,for I wanted to feel fresh,uhm I mean so that with my ugly face,a foul smell wouldn’t be there to distract Enid from his sole goal.
After brushing and finishing my business,I took out the old bottle of strawberry shampoo and started to wash my ugly head by pouring almost the whole bottle on it.
I started singing an old lullaby,which my mother used to sing for me at nights. I felt so nostalgic,those days were blissfull enough for me to remember.
A sudden loud sound,or rather a loud honk outside the orphanage,interrupted my train of thoughts,making me return to the present moment.
“Must be him!”-I thought,hurriedly wrapping the towel around my skinny body. If I could act like a lazy ape while waking up in early mornings,then acting like a superman in emergencies was not a big deal for me. Oh yeah! Sole thing I was talented in.
I finally dressed up in my hoodie,and jeans,which I’ve got from some kind social workers,who’d donated their collected clothes for us to the orphanage.
Someone had probably received Enid at the door,as now I could hear his laughter and a girl’s gasp. Yeah right,a Girl!
What? A girl,Why would enid bring a girl here? Well he’s a part of the ‘POPULAR’ group,so I couldnot deny the fact of him being in a relationship,with some bitch.
I shrugged this sudden feel off my mind and made my way to the front door,and as I pushed the door open,I hit something hard and rigid,which made me lose my balance,resulting in the landing of my butt,on the hard floor.
“oww!what the hell”-I yelped in pain and looked at the hard thing,with which I collided my body. That hard ‘thing’ was not a thing,instead was the hard muscular chest of Enid.
There standing infront of me,was enid with a girl who somewhat looked familiar.
“Hey there Anna,meet my other half-Kristie Johannson.”
This introduction was indeed not my favourite thing.…
-To be continued
-Ritu ❤

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