What happens when you just start thinking about a certain thing and then end up thinking it again and again.


People would say,”Dude,stop over thinking,you are ruining your life!”
And what if I tell them that ‘My life is already ruined’ from this everyday torture of mental stress. You cannot help,but facing this shit right?
The more you try to stay happy,the more It would reach you to feed upon your mind.
And in case if you would try to share your pain with your so called good for nothing friends,what would be their response?
No,not at all!
They would give you examples of those people who live on the streets,who don’t bother to wear proper clothes,but still do good in everything,be it in staying happy or in their only chance of studying.
Well,my dear friends. Are you nuts or what?
I face this thing called ‘mental trauma’ almost daily,whether I live on streets or stay under the comfy covers,but that doesn’t really matter,yes you heard it right,that doesn’t matter whether I have everything or nothing. Those kids,those people do live in hard situations,but they,almost all,live happily together,without any mental pressure. Their closed ones don’t torture them like everyday my dad do,no not physical torture,but mental torture by his swearings by his blamings.
I cannot help myself in anyway,but still I try to sort out the mess,I create everyday of several thoughts,in my head ofcourse by over-thinking the same thing,same line ruining my mind-‘What is my future,raising in such family,bearing this shit called-domestic violence,without even getting a single slap,but so much of mental trauma which a normal person like you couldnot face.…’
So the lecture ends here,my story is a never ending story,which has no definite reason to change. Now this is what I face,and how this leads to overthinking and mental stress.
Mentally hurt–>Overthinking–>Mental stress–>Depression

Rock the world with your pen.
Ritu ❤