“I remember years ago…
Someone told me I should take,
When it comes to love…and I did,
Cautions were taken,my world was shaken,
broken heart,and broken trusts,
Someone betrayed,I couldnot portrayed
The life went on,I moved on…”


-By Shontelle+ Me (Impossible song lyrics+ my composition)

Have you ever experienced the comeback of that very person,you hated since when your milk teeth decided to fall off your mouth. If not,then let me tell you,I was experiencing the same return of that very person,who was once used to be my closest pal,but duh she was not now. Though years passed since that huge fight took place between us. May be,just maybe she’d changed now,but positivity was not something I could see in her eyes now,Ah yes! You guessed it right the girl,for whom I was talking about and the girl who was once so close to my heart,was no other than Kristie Johannson.
She was there too when I’d fallen in and out of love last time,and she was here too when I was trying to maintain some good ‘friend-friend’ relation between Enid and I. With those long chestnut coloured,waist length hair,she was gorgeous as she used to look when we were in high school. I felt a sudden ping of jealousy running up and down my thin and pale body. I’d no idea whether I was jealous because she was back or because she was with Enid. I’d no slightest clue either regarding that single thought that came inside Enid’s big head and he decided to bring her along him. I was feeling terrible for me,yesterday I was trying to commit suicide and today I was already crushing on a stranger guy (literally). Oops,did I say that loud? I was blank in whole.
“Anna..Annabelle down to earth,helloo down to earth Anna”-a loud voice interrupted me and my train of thoughts. Oh these continuos interruptions!
I found that the owner of the voice was Enid and his ‘other half’ was glaring at me like I was some piece of shit. Duh! This proved that actually my ex-bestfriend had changed into those girls,for whom I was the only reason they attended their classes-ofcourse for bullying me (that’s what I felt,and their ‘acting like a slut’ was still kept aside by me).
I decided to ignore her death-glares and looked towards Enid.
“Yeah! Sorry,I zoned out actually,what were you saying and Nice to meet you too Kristie”- I said in a normal tone,acting just so normal,while I was literally freaking out on my own.
“Did I say that I feel nice meeting you girl?”- Kristie spat as I expected her to do.
Enid elbowed her slowly and looked at me with a slight smile,oh god was he any better? I mentally slapped myself and looked at him with a straight face.
“So,are you ready to spend your day with us?”-Enid asked while placing his hand on christie’s waist.
I nodded simply and rushed inside to get my bag and phone.
“Shall we leave now honey,we are already late!”- Kristie asked Enid,sending me daggers though. Sigh,if only looks could kill.
“Yeah sure love,lets go Anna”-Enid kissed her forehead and gestured me to join them. I nodded again.
“Ani dear,breakfast is ready!”-Sister Mary called my name,while placing plates and breakfast on the table.
“We are already late baby,and now she will do her breakfast…”-I heard Kristie’s voice,but decided to stay silent. I was not in a worst mood that time,all thanks to me.
“You guys can go if you want!”-I said silently,though Enid was already moving towards the table.
“No they are not going anywhere without eating the breakfast my darling. Come here you kids!”-Sister Mary spoke in her cheerful tone,as she always used to do.
I said nothing and looked towards the duo-Enid and Anna. Enid seemed surprisingly comfortable with this sudden invitation,while Anna was looking in disgust towards Sister Mary. Bitch!
“Oh no I am not eating with your maid here sitting beside me like this Annabelle…”- Christie said with a funny yet disguisting face. Oh how she was trying to act like a bitch so hard,but failing miserably.
Enid coughed hard while exchanging glances with her,and I started-
“Christie Johannson,No matter what relation did we share in our past,but I am not going to tolerate your shit here,the lady here is more respectfully called as Sister Mary
by us and she is the owner of this place,not a maid. Think before you speak girl,else I would take no time to show you the way to the exit.”- I looked towards her and smiled in satisfaction. Her face was worth a glance.
I looked at Enid who was now gaping at me with his mouth wide open.
I shrugged and continued my eating.
“How do you know Kristie and where is your mom and dad?”
I sighed. I know it was coming.
“Well I and Kristie were childhood friends and more like soul sisters,but one day she left,so I moved on. About my parents,they died in a car accident three years ago. I’ve been living here since three years,so sister mary is more like a mother to me.”- I finished and looked at no one in particular.
I heard someone gasp,and it was Kristie looking at me with a totally shocked face. Not everyone knew about my parents.
“So do you mean,this mansion is not yours,and an orphanage?”- asked Enid,still wide eyed.
“Yeah,this is my orphanage as well as my house now,as no one is adopting me. And what do you think,why would I try to commit suicide if I’d have everything?”- I answered Enid’s question and quickly looked at sister’s face. She was shocked too,probably due to my another suicidal attempt.
“I am sorry sister,I am just tired,but I love you.”-I whispered to no body but myself,though enid heard it all.
He whispered back-
“First reason for you not to die- Sister Mary”.
I smiled at him slightly though he didn’t see that this time.
-To be continued

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