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How people define themselves? By showing or by proving?
I define myself as a strong woman. That’s because I have had to deal with some major challenges in my life. Instead of those experiences breaking me, they made me strong. I was determined to fight my way through because of my mother. Not only did I develop unusual emotional strength, I also learned how to fight negative thoughts that wanted to drag me down.

Some of those negative thoughts were:

I can’t go on.
I can’t deal with this.
I wish I was dead.
Life is too hard.
I just want to go to sleep and not wake up.
I don’t want to talk to anyone.
I want to be left alone.
And the list went on… But guess what? I knew that I couldn’t give up because my mother believed on me. Her love made me one strong woman and a fighter.
My only traits-which always got me appreciations from the people.
What I used to do before was to opt between two given choices,but I tried-tried hard to change my this habit and bingo! I did change it,I take my all decisions now,I let the ‘and’ embrace me,rather than ‘or’.
The points which made me a woman,without the compulsion of any single label on myself are-
Pain is something that can cut deep into anyone’s soul. I know! I’ve been there. In 2008 I had to deal with the pesonal issues of my family,which did stress me out. But through that pain, I became a strong woman.
If you’ve been knocked by love and heartaches and bounced back, you’re a real woman! I know how to dust myself off and start all over again. It’s great when I,after trying hard,get able to get back on track. Especially when I learnt from everything that knocked me down.
Praying has been my lifeline. It’s good to be able to pour out your troubles and forget them. Praying isn’t just about getting down on your knees with your hands clasped. I pray by simply talking to God. I always get a sense of peace afterwards and he does answer prayers. Just believe
A successful girl will use her problems as stepping-stones to get to where she wants to go. She doesn’t see them as setbacks but as opportunities for growth. Have you had people laugh at you and tell you that your idea is stupid? Or that you will never make it? Or why do you want to give up your job to pursue a silly dream?

Negative remarks will make a strong woman determined to become a successful woman.

For every brick that’s thrown at me,I use them to build my dreams. Picture the life you want, set goals and work towards achieving a better future. You can do it. I’m doing it!
Having a high moral standard and living according to that standard, will set you apart from the rest. People will respect you because of your lifestyle. A virtuous woman disciplines her children with wisdom and care, she looks after her health and body, serves her husband, family and friends, radiates warmth and love and spends wisely. And I would see no harm in doing that.
Confidence will make you walk with purpose. When I’ve gone through the storms of life and come out in one piece, My confidence grew. I am confident because I know my strengths and my values. Because I know,I won’t give up or give in.
I know people will admire me for who I am.
A strong woman is a force to be reckoned with. I know about the dark side of life. I’ve been through it and come out on the other side. The roller coaster ride of life has toughened me, molded me and refined me into the woman I am now. And I cannot stay limited to one label of ‘being a girl’ only.
I deserve more,and I shall achieve more.


Rock the world with your pen.
Ritu ❤