“I am writing for#IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob activity in association with Ariel.”
A lady,trying hard to scrub her husband’s shirt all sweaty;When her eyes landed on an unfamiliar mark which was not there when her husband wore it before going to his office.
‘Must be his secretary-Taniya’-She thought,while fuming with anger. It was a matter of rage,after all a lip-stick mark is not what she longs everyday to see on his shirt after being one of those two by third (2/3rd) women who feel that they face inequality at home.
“Bitch!”-She cursed.
“Aradhya! Where are you?”- She called her husband’s name at the top of her voice.
“What babe?”
Aradhya came literally running.
“What is this?”-She asked showing the mark.
Without listening to his answer,she grabbed his collar and started running from her house to his secretary house,ignoring her husband’s wailing.
She stopped at his secretary’s door,literally banging it with all the force she has got.
A confused figure came out of the door,for sure his secretary.
“Bitch! I wash his clothes everyday so that you’d do this?”-She asked,throwing the shirt on her face.
“Babe,you are wrong!Please liste…”-Aradhya tried to speak.
“You shut up or you will do the laundry today! And you Miss whatever,wash this shirt and then ship it to our house. Got it?”
Above scene looks good only in serials or advertisement. An Indian woman cannot just threaten her husband to do laundry just because he is involved in some maritial affair,right?
It has been surveyed anyway that out of hundred percent males,76 % males think that it is only a woman’s job to do laundry. It is not new though,this belief has been continuing since ages,that all the household chores,either doing laundry or doing dishes,should be done only by women. A man is not born for this.
With time,things has changed so do men. But still doing laundry is considered as the woman’s job. Either the woman is a working lady or a house-wife,all she worries about also includes the tension of doing laundry. Even today,85% of the working women think that they are involved in two jobs-first at work,second at home.
And if they expect their husbands to help them in doing laundry,then they know they would release an arrow only in the darkness,without any target. It has been found too,that 73% of women think that their men give priority to their sleep,rather than helping them in their household chores.
Have you seen a man,going his office without proper shirt or literally naked because he has this excuse of his wife being on bed,so he’d no washed shirts to wear. No,ofcourse women cannot fall ill,not when it comes to her husband and children. She wouldnot leave their dirty clothes as it is. Well,that is why maybe 77% of men depend on their wives for their clothes,or for doing laundry.
An Indian female has achieved almost everything and has done everything which a male could have or could do respectively,but ofcourse except in the case of doing household chores she is still backward and doesnot have this strength to fight back. Those two by third males who prefer watching television than helping their wives should learn from those few males who have now learnt about the importance of their contribution in all the household chores their wives do everyday to feed them with their amazing services.
I have seen my father before too and watch now too. How time has changed him from an old thought man to a modern man. I’ve seen him scolding my mother and now I watch him helping my mother in doing laundry,which is actually a great thing to watch and experience. Many males have changed with time,and those who have not yet,they must learn from these.
To all those men who think household chores and especially washing clothes is assigned only to a woman,then remember this-
“Dear men,
A woman is not doing a job for you,neither is she your servant.
You don’t pay her for that!”

Rock the world with your pen.
Ritu ❤