My first book review of the year 2015 🙂
This is a teenage love story in the backdrop of beautiful Shivalik hills of Shimla.

Book Details:
Title – When she smiled
Author – Ritoban Chakrabarthy
Genre – Teenage love, fiction
Number Of Pages- 217
Publisher- Notionpress
Price : 215 Rs.
Source – Blogadda

Story revolves around a 15year old boy Mrityunjoy – his school days, his first love, love failure and how he come out of the heartbreak etc., Not a very long story with twists and turns. The boy after studying for two years at Sainik School, joins back his old school DAV. Then enters the female lead of the story whose name is Akanksha and the writer seems completely bitten by her gorgeous looks on first sight itself.They become close very soon, start sharing their family details and have fun time walking down to home from their tution. Everyone in the class envy Mrityunjoy for winning the girl’s love but their this bond of love breaks due to some misunderstandings. The girl’s growing friendship with another guy, starts hurting him but he still hopes to get her back. Atlast, how he comes out of depression and takes a decision to leave his first love and moves to some other town concentrating on his career forms the climax.

Positive Points:

Flow of the story is good, though at times it’s so slow that it couldnot grab much attention. Characterization is good. Especially, Mrityunjoy’s parents – how they fight on silly reasons, how they don’t appreciate each other’s talents and how Mrityunjoy’s father doesn’t show any emotions and prefers only education and doesn’t allows kids to participate in annual events. They are all realistic for that generation.
Storyline also covers the beautiful bond of love between the protagonist and his sister, how close they are and how his sister’s death bring him and his brother Sid more close.
The understanding shown between the narrator and his sister is probably the most emotional and loved thing present in the book.

First love, first feeling, Mrityunjoy’s excitement to talk to Akanksha, his prepaeration for the walks from dressing style to talking manners – everything is very good to read and it might remind you your teenage days.
The boy’s habit of making poems instantly earns more brownie points for the writer.

Negative Points:

To be honest, this novel has no strong or intriguing storyline instead an emotional one. There are no twists and turns in the story. I didn’t like the reasoning behind their breakup and explanation that Akansha gave in the climax. I felt, their relationship or friendship is not that weak to fail for some rumours and silly misunderstandings. There are one or two grammar mistakes, editing might have been better. Being a woman, I couldn’t actually understand the heart break men go through from love failure that is explained in this book.
All of all Ritoban’s this book is quite less interesting to read more than once. The plot could have been transformed into something nice. Though the book is okay for those who need emotional storyline and detailings about Shimla.

-Ritu â˜ș:D

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