‘Listen to your heart and then see the magic that follows later.’
I heard this from my mother but never followed my heart until that one day I took one step against my mind,and did something memorable for someone.
P.S.=> After reading you might find it just a work of fiction,but believe me it is not. It is a true incident and is another close one for me.
I was in eighth standard back then,when my whole family used to live together,not like they don’t now,but actually it is not joint anymore. Addition to that was the presence of my grand-dad with me.
I still remember,how I used to go with my grand-dad for long morning walks.
That was a regular summer morning,spring was near,I and grand-dad had already returned from our usual morning walk and I was busy peeling off the raw mangoes,I have had plucked from the tree,while coming home.
Mom was making something delicious in the kitchen,as I could make that out easily from her way of working,which was so full of hurry. Typical moms,I tell you.
I asked her-” Maa,what are you making? Something special about today?”
She replied-“Yes! It is your grand-dad’s birthday.”
I was silent for a while and then I freaked out.
‘Shit! Shit! Daadu’s ( Grand-dad’s) Birthday! I forgot about this! Aargh’
I kept on mumbling for a while,as I was furious,everyone in the house was busy doing something or preparing something for him.
Even my younger brother had managed to make a card on his own for grand-dad and there was me,standing amidst of this,with absolutely nothing.
My mind was asking me to let it go and shake hands with my brother,so that he could involve my name in his card,while my heart was asking me against this.
Ofcourse it was a big day for me and others,for me to be precise. He was my ‘superman’,how could I not remember his birthday. I was guilty.
I decided to do something for him,I had no money with me that time,oh come on,I was just a student of class nineth,with two pigtails and two broken milk teeth. I was not planning to ask my mom,or anyone for the money either,and stealing was not at all an option.
Then at last,I heard my heart’s call and got this idea.
It was evening time,everyone was sitting with daadu,laughing and chit-chatting as always. That is when I clapped twice to get their attention. Being in Nineth class,I’ve had a good command over my english. Everyone looked intently at me,ready to absorb,what would be soon going to reveal.
I smiled at my grand-dad and started-
“Dear grand-pa
First of all,a very happy birthday to you. I am very sorry,that I couldnot get you sonething as a gift,you know I am not yet earning like these people.
So I just manage to write this token of thanks for you as a present.
Daadu,you are my second-dad,from being my mischief partner to my caretaker,from being my lovely daadu to my idol. Really many thanks for being with me everytime when,I needed you.
So you turned 73 today,I just hope,more years may pass like this and our love,our bond may grow more stronger.
Atlast,Just stay with me and the family forever.We love you and I promise you,once I start doing a job,I would gift you something better.
Thanks for listening.
By the way,Mom do not kill me after this,but the money you have given me as my picnic expenditure,I spent that for buying daadu a better pair of spects.”
I ended hurriedly and ran to grand pa in the fear of receiving a slap from mom’s side as I have had spent my money in buying daadu a tiny gift. But to my surprise,mom just smiled and said nothing,while daadu hugged me tight with teary eyes.
I asked him-” So,how did you like my gift?”
He smiled and kissed me on my forehead-” My grand-daughter has finally grown up. I do not need any better gift from your side,your this little effort is enough for me to be proud of you,beta.”
His words and that moment is still a memorable memory for me. I had done something really special for my grand-pa.
Sometimes,it is not a present that would satisfy someone’s expectation from you,instead an act,that would be done by you for them,can make them love you more. My that one gift,was indeed not from my own salary but it indeed was a dil-ki-deal.
P.S.=> I donot know,whether my this post is relatable to the contest’s theme or not,but this is all what I have had done,which stays as a memory in my heart.
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