Making someone feel special,through words might make a difference in someone’s life. But sometimes,your little effort to do something more special can create wonders,in someone’s life.

I have been preparing for medical since two years as I aim to be a doctor and for that I more often fill up several competitive forms,to get myself admitted in some good government medical college.
It was an incident,quite close to my heart. No it didnot happen because I ordered something for someone online,instead this was related to something I did for an animal. Yes,you heard it right,a puppy-a stray one.
I still remember that night when I was returning from Lucknow,after giving one of the competitive exam,I’d applied for,along with my father.
It was a chilly night and winter’s time,our train was late. So I and Dad were struck at the middle of our journey,somewhere near Milani. We were sitting on a bench,while I was busy taking in the surrounding,I was surrounded by and dad was busy munching something.
When all of a sudden,my eyes met up with another pair of eyes,looking at me and dad with so much intense and hunger. It was a pup,shivering with cold; like we humans,animals do not wear clothes,do they?
He came close to me,waving its tail,just when dad stood up and he ran away due to fear. I felt sorry for him. The train was still to arrive yet and we were roaming in the station like tourists,taking in everything,which was coming in our view.
I found that pup was still following us,with his tail waving so fast,while his eyes were fixed on me. I could see the hunger in his eyes. I felt pity for him and thought of buying something for him.
Animals have this strange habit of following you,until you get them what they are asking from you or until you shoo them away. But this time dad didnot shoo him away.
I asked dad for some money to buy something for the poor fellow. Dad gave me the money and I went to a nearby stall to buy something,which was being closed by the owner.
I stopped him and asked to provide me anything edible from the money,I had given him.
He agreed and gave me a packet of chocolate cream biscuit,I said thanks in return and turned around to smile at the puppy,who was now jumping up and down in excitement. I laughed and gestured the little animal to follow me to where dad was,so that I could feed him. He came running behind me,now assured and confirmed about the fact that he’d be getting something,finally to eat.
I smiled again and opened the packet,to feed him. I made him eat the whole packet,that too with each biscuit he was entertaining me with his tricks and stunts. After having the food,he went away.
Though he was still near me,roaming or maybe searching for more food; I called him with a random name and surprisingly he responded to me,maybe showing his gratitude or being thankful.
Our train had arrived finally,so I balanced myself while sitting on the floor ,on my right knee and patted his head. He barked affectionately,with ofcourse his tail waving so fast and those big eyes,which were full of affection now,instead of hunger.
I surely,have had made a dil-ki-deal with that pup.
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