This father’s day,I believe is again going to be as same and boring as those already gone days of all the years. No,It doesn’t mean I don’t love my father,neither does it mean that my father hates me. Then,why am I not making any effort to make him smile on this father’s day.
I really don’t know if I ever would be able to love my father that way as I do my mother. Maybe because my relationship with my father is not of a “daddy” type,but instead of a serious “father” type. I don’t have any special talking sessions with him like I use to have with mom.
It has been said that- “Daughters share a very unique and beautiful bond with their fathers and sons with their moms”.
I am not very well agree with it,though I agree I cannot ignore my love and concern towards my father. I,sometimes show it too,but my father well,he is sort of a hard rock of our family. He would joke around with everybody,except me.
I used to think a lot about this and out of so much frustration and curiousity,I ended up asking my mom this question one day.
“Mom,what do you think? Does dad really love me or does he hate me so much that he doesn’t want to talk with me anymore”
My mom smiled and said nothing. It is my mom’s weird habit,if I ask anything;She (for sometime though) keeps on smiling and then cares to answer the question.
She started-“Dear,do you know what is the difference between a mother and a father?”
She took my silence as my approval to continue.
“You know,a mother is a soft-heartened woman,who loves her children without any pay-back but still craves for their love and sometimes her this craving becomes visible too; But a father,he is that strong pillar of his family who from the day he see his kids,decides to be their saviour,their guarding angel. Ever since every father is like this only. He would protect you,he would scold you and would love you unconditionally,it is just like not every time his love would be visible to you. So it should be you,who shouldn’t take it as otherwise. Because all what a father does for his kids cannot be compared with what a mom does for them.”
My mom ended and walked away.
I still don’t get it. Why my father has to be this strict ? Why cannot he be like Jassveen’s dad,so loving and caring. Most importantly atleast his love is visible to her and she respects it. But how am I suppose to love him back when I don’t get his love in an open form.
“Stop thinking about it. Not all dads share the same lovey dovey relationship with their daughters.”
I thought and gave a break to my this thought.
Then one normal night,when I was passing by my mom and dad’s room,I heard their conversation. And being a typical me as I am,I decided to stay there and give an ear to their on going conversation.
My mom,being the most typical mom was telling him all what I have had asked about him before from her.
But maybe,it was for some good cause. Because when my dad started,I didn’t know I would end up crying. Melodramatic Me. Hehe.
“I know I have always been rude towards my kid,to her the most. But all what I do all what I act,I do it so that they won’t end up like me. The situations through which I have gone through and the life I am living won’t repeat in their life. I want to be called by their name prefixed before me, by the people. I want to hear people say “See there they are- Ritu’s Parents”. I want my daughter to show the world that she is strong and independent and if for this I have to act rough and harsh,I don’t think I should hesitate. She shares a loving bond with you but somewhere within her I believe there must be some hatred that how hard I act on her. But soon when she would achieve something big,her that hatred would be the reason behind her this success.”
I couldn’t hear more from my dad,because I was all wrong about him. That night turned out to be a major turning point in my life. I started respecting him and I still do.
It is not like we have started sharing laughs and jokes,instead now I don’t complain because I am aware about the hidden love behind his this face.
This is the utmost reason due to which my dad deserves hugs from me not on only father’s day but everytime I get chance to wrap my arms around him.
He is doing something which I believe a “dad” couldn’t do and a father can.
Your father must be doing this too,so go and give them a hug. That is all you could give him on this father’s day.
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