“Sughandha! Are you too getting this smell from somewhere around ?” Sughandha’s mom asked her.
“Yes mom,I don’t know,where is this smell coming from. So irritating it is!”-replied Sughandha while cringing her nose a bit.
“These bad smells are like curse to this house. The more we try to clean the house,the more such odours fail our attempts.”-Sughandha’s mom said in a disappointing tone while switching on the television,for her daily soap’s time it was.
“DENIM INCENSE STICKS AND DHOOP-an all natural way to demolish all those bad odours from your house in just a single minute. Buy it! Light it and see the magic!”cried a voice inside the television,already trying to attract the ladies.
“We should buy it!”-Both replied with a smile.
And then they experienced no odour problems.
From smelly to smiley,their smile said it all.

Ever seen such happening with someone in real and then ever watch them living so happily ever after without facing any smelly and nagging foul smells. Your answer must be a “No”,right?
Ofcourse,all those smells which keep on nagging you and all those who visit your home either expectedly or unexpectedly don’t go away easily by using any incense sticks or ordinary natural methods.
Our house never goes a day without a smell,be it a good one or a foul one. Doesn’t matter. Be it a powerful smell of those spices,my mother uses in the kitchen or the badly powerful odour of something similar to a rotten egg or maybe vegetables or what not. We try everything everyday in order to get rid of a malodorous smell which tries hard to keep up with our hard work of cleaning every single corner and hidden sides of our house,giving our hard work a tough competition.
And no matter how hard we try,our idea of using naturally scented flowers,or using those smokey incense sticks never helps and ofcourse in the competition, these rancid and nauseous smells overcome the good ones.
And sometimes such smells become so smelly that even the regular mopping by our maids don’t help either. Everything when seems a failure,we end up sitting like a defeated soldier and let all those people with ‘good’ nose tell you about an already known statement- “Your house smells a lot!”; and along with it follows a trail of suggestions which they give ,of those already used weapons of yours. Same incense sticks! Same natural scented flowers! But still the same odours.
It is not like we have got only these two solutions for eliminating such irritating smells,but instead many solutions. Among a long list of things which can definetely provide you with a strong competitor against the smelly smells,there stands an option of using aerosols (or room freshners). But still every competitor you use for your fight,it surely beholds a disadvantage too. Many aerosols,we end up picking helps in abolishing the odour for sometime and then those who pick up these smells appear as those people who visit our house as a guest or maybe our nose.
Type of such smells vary from season to season,along with the various reasons of their existence. Likewise,there comes the season of Rain-Monsoon;Ready to invite all those nauseous odours to your home,all ready to make your clean and precious house similar to (somewhat) a smelly, old place,where living looks hell.
It is the season when,after cleaning all your house,when you sit for a clean and wonderful dinner with your family,an unknown smelly odour makes your dinner a no-wonder thing and spoils everyone’s mood.
In this season,all you need to do is stay careful while doing various household work,because you never know when the foul smell make up to your house and you may end up getting your mood totally spoiled.
For this, there is the need for the #SmellytoSmiley effect with the Ambi Pur Air Effects.
Because,the season has already started and the season of odours too. Lets just hope that our house may not smell bad and horrid like all those houses do,which we often visit and end up talking about.
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