Your house smells really good when you are living in it but what happens when you leave your house all alone,locked? When you return,you must be welcomed by some horrid smell. And then you remember how you are missing onto your house’s cleanliness.
But what happens when you you leave your house early in the morning and return the same evening but again you are greeted with the familiar bad odour then it is an abosolute problem.
If you’re like me or the millions of travellers this holiday season, you likely walked into your home after several days away and became acutely aware that *gasp* your house has a smell!
It’s a smell that is probably constant, yet you’ve grown so accustomed to living with it that you hardly ever notice.It might not necessarily be a bad smell, and in fact some homes are downright pleasant on the nose.
In my case, however, I had to face the fact that my house smelled…well…old,bad,horrid and what not.

Some guests confirmed my epiphany when they came home a couple of days later. Moments after crossing the threshold, they stopped and said -“You need to do something about this irritating and bad smell”.

It’s unlikely that we will ever be rid of the mustiness that tends to be characteristic of older homes, but we’ve come up with five ways to “mask the must” when we’re feeling particularly self-conscious about it.

1.) Air It Out: The simplest and cheapest solution is to open our windows and let the outside in! For those of you living in moderate climates with a lack of extreme temperatures (such as the Bay Area), this an option basically year-round. For the rest of you, keep reading.

2.) Cleaning: Sometimes our home just needs a little scrub.Vinegar is especially good at banishing that musty smell.

3.) Cooking: Few things make a home smell more glorious than the aromas of the kitchen. Morning coffee, sautéed garlic, or freshly-baked cookies are a few of my favorites. For the not-so-culinarily-inclined, there’s always boiling delicious-smelling things in water.

4.)Candles: The variety of scented candles and the places that sell them are endless. Did you know that in addition to being pretty-smelling, some of these scents have an added therapeutic benefit? Just make sure to blow them out before going to bed!

5.) Air Fresheners: From plug-ins to potpourri, there’s something for everyone out there.

The monsoons are undoubtedly here. But with the lovely breeze and torrential down pour comes one extremely aggravating side-effect – fungus and that musty smell within your home. One of the most prevalent reasons for this smell is the fact that during the monsoons the air is very humid and this moisture tends to leave the air inside your home, moist and warm – the perfect atmosphere for fungi and molds to grow.  Fungi and molds not only leave behind an annoying smell but can be highly detrimental for your health; they can cause breathing problems and allergies apart from other illnesses.  So, here are a few easy remedies you can try to rid your home of the annoying and unhealthy smell.
Tip#1: Burn some camphor: We commonly use this during poojas or other religious ceremonies, but camphor can also rid your home of fungal infestation and smell. All you need to do is light a  few pieces of camphor in every room (make sure you place the camphor on a steel plate before you light it, as it can stain floor tiles if burnt directly on the flooring). Let the entire piece burn completely. Once it is completely burnt out, remove the embers and close the doors – make sure you close the windows as well. Keep the room like this for about fifteen minutes to half an hour and you should have a mold free room that smells just wonderful.
Tip#2: Let the sun in: While there are very few days when the sun is clearly visible it is best to make good use of this natural disinfectant when it is available. Apart from that, the fresh breeze can do a great deal of good for the smell within your home. So, every once in a while keep your windows and doors open. If you do not want to keep them all ajar, try opening the ones that are diagonally opposite to each other open. This will allow for cross ventilation and help get rid of the smell.
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