In this era,everyone wants perfection;Tips and guidance from the one they consider worthy for it,and when to our rescue and comfort come out a site itself,which is capable to answer all your non-sense to interesting queries so easily. Then,no one fails to rely on such sites.
For me and millions,that site came out to be RewardMe. I have been reading the site’s brilliant posts since like eight-nine months. And is it any better?
Be it the varieties it holds under the several sections or the quality language and tips they use,never fails in impressing me any less.
For me,this site has played an important role in my life; You can say as a guide- Real one.
For any question that eats up my mind by appearing anytime,I know I can rely upon RewardMe to get the answer.
So,I have read like,several posts,among which, mostly all really helped me out in something or everything.
I generally,prefer to read articles which come under Beauty and Health section. So about which I am going to write here,is itself an article from the section- “Health“.

It stated about the various benefits of Amla in weight loss and how one could take in amla so as to lose some weight.
I read it and actually found it useful and so effective that from the next morning,I started consuming in Amla as much as the article has suggested to. I never knew though that this tiny cute thing could help our body to:

Build immunity
Increase metabolism
Lose weight
Absorb nutrients like iron better
Eliminate toxins
Improve digestion
Better bowel movements (fibre helps)

Through the article,I came to know a lesser known fact that amla is an effective weight loss aid. I never knew about it,that how its high fibre content helps flush out waste from the body. Though I knew about some of its features and good points,on which I believed wholeheartedly when actually I watch my body change and grow in a better way.
Including amla in the diet through food and juices will help anyone lose weight naturally and easily. I have been taking it in since two months and have already seen myself transforming. How my rough hairs have transformed to soft and glossy,how my skin has become soft from rough,and how my body has changed drastically in these two months.
When I first read the article,the only question that had raided my brain that time was this ” How to include Amla in my diet?”
My question got its answer when I read further about the recipes which were absolutely brilliant. You must try these if you think you are having some extra fat anywhere in your body or a dry and rough scalp and hair.
Drinking amla juice is the easiest way to benefit from this super food.  Amla is available in plenty from December through April. You could even mix it with aloe vera juice. You can also add a couple of teaspoons of amla juice to fresh fruit juices for flavour.


When you feel tired and exhausted:

Juice from 3 large amlas
1.) ½ tbsp. lemon juice
2.) 2 tbsp. bilva (wood apple) juice concentrate or juice from 1 fruit
3.) 15 gm. crushed ginger
If you are using whole fruits, press the juice out and combine in a bowl.
4.)Add 200 ml water and add salt to taste.
Serve chilled.

Amla Honey Shots

1.) 4 whole amlas, chopped coarsely (discard seeds)
2.) ½ tsp. star anise powder
3.) 1 tsp. amla crush (store bought)
4.) 1 tbsp. honey
5.) 1 ½ cups of water
6.) 4 tbsp. crushed ice
7.) Combine chopped amla, the crush, star anise powder and 1 ½ cups of water in a blender.
8.)Strain and mix in honey.
Serve over crushed ice in shot glasses.

Plain and Pure Amla Juice

1.) Chop 1 kg amla into small pieces and discard the seeds.
2.) Put pieces in batches in a mixer and grind into a fine paste.
3.) Use a fine cloth and put the paste in.  4.) Squeeze tightly and extract as much juice as possible.
Fresh juice can be refrigerated and lasts for 15 days. 
5.) If you require more quantities to be preserved for a few months, add 2 tbsp. of sodium lactate for every 500 grams of juice.
This will last for 8 – 10 months.Another option is to make ice cubes.

Amla can also be eaten as dried or by experimenting on it.
Be it sweet or sour. Amla is actually my life saviour so is this site.
So an amla a day,keeps your body fat miles away from you.
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