Just when you enter your house,you notice something you never wanted to,before entering the house;That smell,that untidy look of it,today looks like very similar to that at one of your neighbour’s.
Just few days back you visited him,and how you kept on discussing about the not at all “good” appearance of his house. Same is happening with you and your house.
A rat just ran away infront of your eyes,leaving you in disgust.
You miss the old you,when you used to live here without busy-ing yourself and the house used to be so clean and tidy.
Many of us,face this more often. That too when we don’t get any time to make our house look more cleaner and more lovelier.
I really didn’t know how to do that in just few minutes. Then again,I took the help of rewardme site.
Under the home deçor section,I read this brilliant article which helped me so much in making my house look presentable and good in just few minutes. So,ofcourse with my this habit of blogging,I thought of sharing it here on my blog.
In fact, giving your home a cleaner appearance doesn’t have to take more than 10 minutes.

1. Create private and public spaces in your home.

 That is, set priorities and choose rooms near your home’s entrance as public spaces. The rest of the house can be a mess, but the rooms that guests see gives the whole house the appearance of being clean. 


2. Do simple things, often.

Put dishes directly in the dishwasher instead of filling up the sink. Take the trash out every night, so there are no lingering smells. Throw dirty clothes immediately in the hamper, so there aren’t piles everywhere.


3. Clear out the “I might need this someday” items. 

Chances are, you won’t need anything that you think you’d later. Whether you’re keeping clothes you may wear one day, a board game that’s missing a piece that you might find, or a kitchen appliance when you hate cooking — getting rid of the things you’re not using instantly makes your place seem less junk-filled.


4. Set a timer and have the whole family clean up for 10 minutes.

Engage the kids and your partner to help. You can even make a game out of it. You’d be surprised at how much cleaner your house will look after just 10 minutes of family effort.


6. The floor should only have furniture on it. 

Toys, stacks of newspapers and magazines — anything on the floor should be put away or tossed out each day.

7. In the kitchen, keep out only the things you use daily. 

Toaster or blender, if used daily, stays. Big appliances, like a slow cooker, if only used weekly or less frequently, should be put away.

8. Avoid dirty floors by having two welcome mats — one inside and one outside your front door. 
That way, dirt and other debris don’t spread to your floor and throughout your house (having two increases the chances that everything gets caught). Since most guests see the room right off the front door first, mats give the appearance of an overall clean house.


9. Make the beds.

 Yes, it would be great to have the whole bedroom clean, but simply making the beds gives the eye a place to settle. Everyone notices a made — or unmade — bed.

10. Keep your bathroom vanity clear.

Store makeup and other everyday toiletries in bags or or bins under the sink — this makes it easy to pull them out and put away and keeps clutter off the countertop.
So,I hope such useful articles are making your day too and ofcourse the rewardme site is getting some brownie points too from your side.
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