Sometimes,you are so messed up. Your life,your thoughts,and your mind,that you do nothing. Instead you spend your time in clicking numerous pictures to show others that “Hell yeah! I am so good and happy”
When you are NOT.
You just stop doing everything or anything which was somewhat related to your progress before.
Sometimes you find yourself more troubled than ever.
That you write such posts.
Sometimes you become so tired of yourself that the only solution which you find good and sane is to be a coward and to die.
Sometimes,no matter how hard you try ,to hide your emotional self.
It shows up. In the form of angry tears or depression.
You know,it is just hard to express.
Sometimes when you cannot say it to anyone,then you just pen it down for people to read and understand. 
Which ends up getting more complicated than ever and you get success in hurting yourself once again. Because they don’t understand,they never can. 
Keep it to yourself and die slowly. 
So slowly that they wouldn’t end up hurting you.
So slowly that those who loved you ever wouldn’t end up blaming themselves.