Beyond – is about the experiences , that the author encountered during a course in stress management.
The book being based on reality is definitely not just a work of fiction.
It clearly revolves around the incidents , that occurred in author’s life after being enrolled for the meditation program.

The book consists of the story of a young lady in her early 30s. She decides to get herself signed up for a stress management course , just out of curiosity and not because of any dire need.
It is clearly based on such personal experiences encountered by her during the sessions, she undertook that changed the course of her life.
The author having a powerful imagination, brilliantly framed up some really hilarious instances.
Such instances only add interest to a reader , to read it in one go.
The book has been written in a simple language and is good for everyone.
It consists of some really strong messages to convey as well , and hence making the author’s contribution to the literature field, a big one.

Rating – 4/5