ABOUT THE AUTHOR

Shobha Jain- a Reki Grand Master, Astrologer, Vaster , Consultant , Crystal healer, and an Aura reader ; along with the attributes – Palmistry and Chakra healing as well, she has guided thousands of people unconditionally.

Extremely versatile in her outlook , she has gained excellence in whatever she undertook – be it in artistic field , spiritual , and now in literary too.


Shobha’s first book – “Messages from the Soul World” gives an insight into communicating with the departed and henceforth, the mention of several communication tales of her, in the book.


Since, the book being a highly spiritual one, consists of several messages and tell-tales, which are said to be told or more rather delivered by the souls, through a method of communication known as Auto-writing.

How the author’s trust in god and after-life gets more strong and enlightened, is mentioned in the book.
The idea of conversing or let alone establishing some connection to souls , itself either creeps or fascinates people.

Although, the book being in non-fiction category is full of real occurrences that occurred in Shobha’s life after the demise of her son-in-law; along with her explaining the concept of auto-writing and her encounters with souls.

The book also consists of several instances of the author’s communication with her closed ones, or with the closed ones of those who visited her in seek of hope and peace.
All the instances involved, somewhat a strong message of someone’s devotion to their family.

                POSITIVE POINTS

1. Highly spiritual, and can attract a certain group of people who find such stuff, motivational or inspirational.

2. Can act as a good source for those who seek god’s presence through prayers.

3. Few of the quotes are really catchy and impressive.


1. Major errors in editing.

2. Starting topics could have been acknowledged better.

3. The book mentions the birth or re-birth and death of people belonging to only one religion- Hinduism and hence might not be able to attract the attention of other ones.

4. A certain section of book mentioning  Buddhism, might offend people belonging to Buddhism.

Overall, the book is capable enough to acknowledge people with positive vibes about after-life and hence strengthening their belief in auto-writing as well as in communicating with souls.

Rate: 3/5