There are many poets in India, who try hard to get reader’s attention, and in the end, it is only grabbed by those few talented ones, who know how to knit words perfectly. Ankit is one of them.
This book- ‘Behind the Curtain’, itself is a collection of very well written poems that turns a reader’s attention to those already neglected yet important social issues , which shouldn’t be kept untouched.
From the miserable childhood to female infanticide , from dowry demands to burning her for dowry, the book and its poem take you to those dark corners of India, where the light is yet to mark its presence.


Title of the book has a deep meaning hidden within it and hence, is impressive.
Though, a little work on the cover could’ve made it more impressive.


Although, the language is quite simple and devoid of any heavy vocabulary, it indeed is captivating.
Above all, the only trait that matter is its ability to touch one’s heart.
However, one can easily detect some words being repeated in few poems, which can be considered as a major turn off.


The book consists of a collection of heart-warming yet realistic poems, which major-ly point towards the issues, which should be considered serious and action-worthy.
Poems are short, yet capable of capturing one’s attention fully, which earns the book several brownie points.


1. Book cover is quite simple and a little work could’ve made it better and improved.

2. Repetition of several words. ( A major turn off )

3. A little work could’ve been done on the editing and translation.


1. Book Title is impressive.

2. Almost every poem is worth a read and not-at-all time-consuming.

3. Bring reader’s attention to left-behind yet important issues.

Above all, a very good read and is a proof that Mr. Poet is worth a chance.

All the Best!