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July 2016



Like a gush of fresh wind, Debprasad’s debut novel BOLTU is an interesting as well as intriguing tale of friendship, relationships, struggle to survive, all combined in one single book, among all those stories, which are nothing but repetitive versions of each other.


‘Boltu’ is the name of the main character itself, in the book. Hence, the entire story revolves around this character.
It is a story about a boy named Boltu, who survives through different stages and emotions , while growing up to a young man. Due to family negligence , gets addicted to the darker side of life.

Above everything, the boy still, is a dreamer, yet confused about his goals.
Because of his strong will-power and stick-to-it-till-the-end mentality led him to his new life.

He, finally transforms himself ,from a rogue to a responsible citizen, with the care , support and love, he gets from his beloved.


The title is simple and predictable.
Excellent presentation on the cover, which is simple, yet very much fitting with the book title.


Author’s hold on the language is indeed, worth a praise.


Narration skills are polished, and are very well shown in the story as well.


° Character of Fotu-babu is not very impressive.
° End could’ve been molded in a better way.


° Character of Boltu.
° A new conceptual tale, other than the spicy or boring love-stories.


Book Title and Cover : 4.5/5
Plot : 5/5
Narration : 4.5/5

Overall-rate : 5/5


A Broken Man

What happens when a supposed low- caster, falls in love with a high class brahmin girl ?

‘Well, of course a cliché romance will happen between them and universe, miraculously will act against their love story. They would struggle – Actually, the boy would fight against society for his love while the girl, would give up her love, for her family, in the very end.
And this will come out as an another very same monotonous as well as predictable tale, we read every time, we pick a book like this.’

Woah ! Woah ! Hold your horses of brain, readers. This book is definitely not that ‘same uninteresting’ book.

Akash Verma, a known writer, came up with his new book this time – ‘A Broken Man’ ; loaded with several twists and turns; a beautiful tale of love, which doesn’t end up tragically. *spoiler*

It’s a story of a Dalit boy, Krishna Kumar and the challenges he face, every time he tries pulling himself out of the hell-hole created by the society, for people like him ; for an out caster like him.
The problems increase their frequency, when he falls in love with a Brahmin girl, who is an activist in college, and is the daughter of a local politician.

Above all, readers happen to have a potboiler in their hands.
However, with the usage of beautiful verses in Devnagiri, the book comes out as a surprise.
The introduction of surprise factor is not limited to this only, instead it just keeps rising.

Although, ‘A Broken Man’ appeared to me as the same old plot, renewed and polished by the author expertly, few of its incident did help in maintaining the curiosity of knowing ‘what’s next’ in reader’s mind.
The narration is in third person’s view and is done quite appreciably.
The story is inspirational in its own way.


1. The cover art is amazing.
2. Small lessons, you get from the story, time-to-time.
3. Krishna’s struggle and his success.
4. Chhavi’s devotion to her love and to her family.


Cover : 4.5/5
Title : 3/5
Narration : 5/5
Plot : 5/5

Over-all Ratings : 4/5

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