An interview with Shilpi Chaklanobis,
the author of Panorama.


Author Shilpi

When you were young, did you ever see writing as a career or
full-time profession?

No, never.

Who are your books mostly dedicated to?

To my parents who, unfortunately, are no more.

Have any new writers grasped your interest recently?

I will take two names. Both of them are established authors with loads
of fan following. The first name is Dr. Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. I
simply love the books written by her and her writing style. The second
name is Ms. Julie Klassen. She writes Regency novels which
are my favourite. Though both of them write about two very different
topics, I love them both.

Is there anything you are currently working on that may
intrigue the interest of your readers?

Currently I am working on two novels and both of them are love
stories. They are not romantic novels but deal with the complexities
of love and how it can change lives for better and for worse.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your

I like to write stories that strike a chord with people on a personal
level. Sometimes it becomes a bit challenging to tell a relatable
story in an intriguing manner.

People believe that being a published author is glamorous, is
that true?

There are always two sides of a coin. Yes, it is glamorous but at the
same time very few people know how much efforts and hard work goes to
churn out an interesting book.

What is that one thing you think readers generally don’t know
about your specific genre?

Truly speaking, I do not follow any genre. I try to tell my story with
full honesty and in the most interesting way. If you ask me about one
word about my genre then I would say “Life”.

Did the thought to give up writing ever occur to you?


What is your motivation for writing more?

My love for books. And of course, the appreciation by readers and
reviewers act as catalysts.

Any words of encouragement for the upcoming generation?

Writing, like any other work, needs perseverance. During the whole
process of writing a book, you may find some people who will encourage
you and some who will try to put you down. One should not get
disheartened by the criticism. Take them as tips to improve your work.
Believe in yourself and keep writing.


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