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Behind the Curtain



There are many poets in India, who try hard to get reader’s attention, and in the end, it is only grabbed by those few talented ones, who know how to knit words perfectly. Ankit is one of them.
This book- ‘Behind the Curtain’, itself is a collection of very well written poems that turns a reader’s attention to those already neglected yet important social issues , which shouldn’t be kept untouched.
From the miserable childhood to female infanticide , from dowry demands to burning her for dowry, the book and its poem take you to those dark corners of India, where the light is yet to mark its presence.


Title of the book has a deep meaning hidden within it and hence, is impressive.
Though, a little work on the cover could’ve made it more impressive.


Although, the language is quite simple and devoid of any heavy vocabulary, it indeed is captivating.
Above all, the only trait that matter is its ability to touch one’s heart.
However, one can easily detect some words being repeated in few poems, which can be considered as a major turn off.


The book consists of a collection of heart-warming yet realistic poems, which major-ly point towards the issues, which should be considered serious and action-worthy.
Poems are short, yet capable of capturing one’s attention fully, which earns the book several brownie points.


1. Book cover is quite simple and a little work could’ve made it better and improved.

2. Repetition of several words. ( A major turn off )

3. A little work could’ve been done on the editing and translation.


1. Book Title is impressive.

2. Almost every poem is worth a read and not-at-all time-consuming.

3. Bring reader’s attention to left-behind yet important issues.

Above all, a very good read and is a proof that Mr. Poet is worth a chance.

All the Best!



Heart of Bullets



‘The only way to get close to those glittering stars in heaven is, to look at a soldier with stars on his shoulders.’

Every time, they’re around, the thing that we see is the bravery awards, medals, the pride, but what we cannot see is their heart that lies inside the iron chest, some untold stories, sacrifices , and the hardship they’ve been through. Every soldier has a story that is unique and extra ordinary.

A tale of brotherhood and heroism, a tale of love and betrayal, ‘Heart of Bullets’, is about two best-friends Arpan and Sam, and the untold story of their friendship, their love, Shradha, but what happens when Sam gets hit by the enemy across the border ?
What will Arpan do to save his friend ? Will love prevail over friendship of lifetime ?
There is a decision to be made, is the life without love and friends, better than dying to save the one we love the most ?


Founder of Perx studio, a complete photography solution, and a professional photographer himself, Nikhil Kushwaha has already touched hearts of many through his previous works, ‘Six Teen mistakes’  published in 2014 and ‘The Waning Moon’  published in 2015.
This book being his third, is entirely different from his previous works.
A tale that includes both genera- Patriotism as well as Romance.


As the book suggests, the book title as well as the cover is accordingly set and made.
The book title where speaks about bravery and pain, the book cover clearly supports it along with the element of romance.


With the timely dose of beautifully written quotations as well as poems in the start or in the end of almost every chapter, the language is anything but complicated.


The book is perfectly written. It starts with Arpan narrating his recent adventure tales to his siblings, while he is home for a short vacation.

Story revolves around three main characters of this book- Arpan , Sam and Shradha.
Arpan and Sam, being in Indian Army have been through several adventures together and are best companion to each other.
Although, their love interest being the same, is what complicate the things, with Sameer getting his love and Arpan becomes an one-sided lover.
Although, something happen in between  Sam and Shradha that drift them apart. And to know about this ‘something’ readers are compelled to finish the story in one go without any distraction.
In one of the fights, the bullet injured Sam very badly, which gives rise to several questions in reader’s mind and hence can only be answered in the end.


1.  Although the cover is according to the book title, yet it could’ve been improved better.

2.  Repetition of lines.

3.  Death of Gorilla – Shradha’s father.

4.  Minor grammatical mistakes

5.  The editing of the story could’ve been done better.


1.   Touching poems as well as quotations.

2.  Description of the operations, at the army quarters.

3.  Book title is very impressive.

4.  Simple yet grasping language has been used.

Above all, a very common tale yet with a very different flavour of love , friendship and sacrifices.

RATINGS : 2.8/5

Hues of Modern Love


Have you ever got a chance to ask for an apology? Is your ex still suffering from the things you did? Had you ever loved anyone more than your life? Did you ever thought of realizing after a breakup that whatever you did was wrong?

If answers to these questions are confusing than two characters of this book will teach you how to indulge into love in a better way. They will explain you the real meaning of modern love. While the journey to New Delhi ,both of them meet each other at the railway station and turned friends.
They booze, fight and did mischievous things together but later on a girl named Zobia entered between two and was a third member in the group.
As she was outspoken and friendly she slowly bent their talks to relationship and love. Agreeing to what she said all three started discussing about love, relationship and romance.
Joy and cheery realised their love for ex was strong but it was late enough for an apology to be granted.
Find out what they will do to get back everything to normal.
Will Zobia help them or she will just listen to there pain and will ignore it.


             ABOUT THE AUTHOR

Hues of Modern Love’ is the second book by this budding writer – Paras.
Although, the book comprises of a whole new plot and is not at all cliché, still could’ve been edited better.


Title of the book is perfect and is accordingly made.
About cover, without presenting it in any complicated way, it is presented simply yet elegantly.


Author has clearly avoided the usage of heavy vocabulary and thus , language is simple, yet is not devoid of errors.


Journeys refresh mind, although also bring the past memories in a way that, compel to reminisce the past; the past which either depicts the mistakes we have had made or the relations we have had left behind.
This story revolves around three characters- Cheery , Joy , and Zobia.
Although the major part of story involves the already broken and left behind relationship of the protagonist – Cheery.
Moving on is not easy and the story line states that it is rather more hard to move on, when you’re still stuck in the memories of your past.


1. Mistakes are very noticeable and grammatical errors cannot be ignored in the book.

2. Content presentation is not very appreciable.

3. No distinction between quoted dialogues and monologues.


1. Narration skills of author are not polished, yet simple, hence easy to read.

2. A decent one-time read.

3. The plot is somewhat different from the usual romance stories and appreciable.

Above all, an average read!



The Justified Sin



What do you call it when three beautiful women come in your life, but you are still single?
What if they all, at some point, tried to entice you but you feel like committing suicide because of loneliness? What do you call it when you made no mistake but still, you feel guilty as sin?
Jay had a common life until Saloni, Prachi and Vineeta came in his life and changed everything.
At times, he avoided the love that knocked at his door and when he actually needed it, the same love kicked him. He betrayed, He got betrayed, He rejected, He got rejected.
From being shot in the back by Prachi’s father to getting intimate with Vineeta under the influence of alcohol, his life was as spicy as those masala Bollywood movies.
He was getting used to his life, until one night, he decides to jump off a building and end everything.

     MY TAKE ON :


‘The Justified Sin’-  being the first work of Harpreet Makkar, I expected the book to have several mistakes and other amateurish stuff, one could find in a new author’s first work, but as a debutant , he has done quite a nice job. Having good narration skills in him, author succeeds in keeping me and may be all readers, intrigued till the end.


Title of the book is catchy yet leaves a wrong impression on a reader’s mind about the book, being a crime thriller.
Also, the cover of the book is creative but nowhere matches with the story line.


Language is simple yet attracts reader’s attention and is easily understandable.


In literary world, for a good beginning, few traits are a ‘must to have’ for all the new authors.
One of them is narrative skills , which author has in him. This is the reason, why I kept turning pages after pages and finished the book in one go.
The plot revolves around the life of Jay and three ladies in his life- childhood friend : Saloni , his best-friend’s girlfriend : Prachi , and his doctor-cum-girlfriend : Vineeta. When two of them were sure about their attraction and feelings towards him, Jay was not sure and the girl Jay was sure about, didn’t appear to be serious with him.
Although author has brilliantly penned down the emotions of protagonist, I came across many situations, where a proper end to certain incidents haven’t been given and yet the same event has been brought up later, which is actually a major turn off.


1. The title is intriguing.

2. Attractive Cover design.

3. The portraiture of Jay and his father’s relationship.


1. Occurrence of SMS language in between conversations.

2. Title doesn’t go well with the story.

3. Book’s ending could’ve been improved much better.


Above all, author’s narrative skills have done an excellent job throughout the whole story and hence making it an intriguing book.

Messages from the Soul World


             ABOUT THE AUTHOR

Shobha Jain- a Reki Grand Master, Astrologer, Vaster , Consultant , Crystal healer, and an Aura reader ; along with the attributes – Palmistry and Chakra healing as well, she has guided thousands of people unconditionally.

Extremely versatile in her outlook , she has gained excellence in whatever she undertook – be it in artistic field , spiritual , and now in literary too.


Shobha’s first book – “Messages from the Soul World” gives an insight into communicating with the departed and henceforth, the mention of several communication tales of her, in the book.


Since, the book being a highly spiritual one, consists of several messages and tell-tales, which are said to be told or more rather delivered by the souls, through a method of communication known as Auto-writing.

How the author’s trust in god and after-life gets more strong and enlightened, is mentioned in the book.
The idea of conversing or let alone establishing some connection to souls , itself either creeps or fascinates people.

Although, the book being in non-fiction category is full of real occurrences that occurred in Shobha’s life after the demise of her son-in-law; along with her explaining the concept of auto-writing and her encounters with souls.

The book also consists of several instances of the author’s communication with her closed ones, or with the closed ones of those who visited her in seek of hope and peace.
All the instances involved, somewhat a strong message of someone’s devotion to their family.

                POSITIVE POINTS

1. Highly spiritual, and can attract a certain group of people who find such stuff, motivational or inspirational.

2. Can act as a good source for those who seek god’s presence through prayers.

3. Few of the quotes are really catchy and impressive.


1. Major errors in editing.

2. Starting topics could have been acknowledged better.

3. The book mentions the birth or re-birth and death of people belonging to only one religion- Hinduism and hence might not be able to attract the attention of other ones.

4. A certain section of book mentioning  Buddhism, might offend people belonging to Buddhism.

Overall, the book is capable enough to acknowledge people with positive vibes about after-life and hence strengthening their belief in auto-writing as well as in communicating with souls.

Rate: 3/5

First Victim

You heard that sound, that sound of something shattering into pieces. Well, that’s my heart, you see.
I thought of having him reserved, for me forever. But maybe not.
The love in her eyes for him, for my boy was enough to kill me slowly and painfully.


But what I didn’t expect was the need of him ‘of her’. I could see the dark look on his face, the way he was sneaking glances at her. Oh how I used to love those eyes and the need in them.
The lust was clear in the brown orbs of his. I sighed. I knew what was about to happen in that lady’s life.
I knew how long that love was going to last. I knew because I was his first victim.



Beyond – is about the experiences , that the author encountered during a course in stress management.
The book being based on reality is definitely not just a work of fiction.
It clearly revolves around the incidents , that occurred in author’s life after being enrolled for the meditation program.

The book consists of the story of a young lady in her early 30s. She decides to get herself signed up for a stress management course , just out of curiosity and not because of any dire need.
It is clearly based on such personal experiences encountered by her during the sessions, she undertook that changed the course of her life.
The author having a powerful imagination, brilliantly framed up some really hilarious instances.
Such instances only add interest to a reader , to read it in one go.
The book has been written in a simple language and is good for everyone.
It consists of some really strong messages to convey as well , and hence making the author’s contribution to the literature field, a big one.

Rating – 4/5

18 Via Teen – Be yourself


Teenage life – possibly is all about what you want and can’t have. And then about what you receive and misuse.    — Jonathan Lethem

’18 Via Teen – Be yourself’ – As the name depicts it all. It revolves around the life aspects of a teenager.
It is all about the rollercoaster rides , a teen goes through after entering a certain phase of their life – Eighteen. A more maturing phase.

The book consists of twenty three different examples in the form of short stories , to describe well , the psychology , the hope , aspirations , apprehensions , insecurities , dilemmas , sensitiveness and ofcourse a new form of budding love – teenage love ; each related with a phase , every teenager goes through.

Each story consists a piece of a message , along with a self-written quote on the very top; adds a cherry to the cake.

Though the book being a very first of its own and written by a new and budding author , it lacks the element of interest , and hence unable to bind a reader for a long time to the book.

Sidestepping all the minor errors and grammatical glitches , in writing , one could genuinely read it and it could end up as a strong motivator for teens , who find it hard to survive the hardships that come in their lives as an obstacle.


* Unputdownable for teens.

*  Simply written and narration is well-organized.

*  Fast paced and easy read.

* A one-time read.


*  Minute grammatical mistakes.

*  Few stories give a feel of ‘could have been written better’ or ‘could have been ended better’.

*  Cover-design could have been designed more accordingly or attractively.

* Stories could have been introduced with more of the interesting element.


Although the book holds few negative points, still the author has made an appreciable entry in the literature world.

More books are yet to come of the respective author ( We, readers hope ) , and readers like me will definitely be waiting for more extraordinarily and polished-ly written books in the near future.

All the very best!

Rating- 3/5

Try Not To Break It…

Every night I wake up screaming hard,from the nightmares of those monsters of insecurities chasing me down ;all set to stab my isolated heart.

I feel devastated and lonesome,helpless and broken.

But with the rising sun ,every morning,a new hope arises in me;makes me somewhat stronger and more tolerant.

So,every time we speak,remember my heart’s vulnerability and try not to break it!

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