The girl downed the
contents of the shot
glass in one quick
movement,flinching as
she swallowed.Her
eyes were locked with
his from across the
room,as they had been
for the past few
minutes.She paused for
a moment,as if to
muster up the courage,
then grabbed her tiny
black bag and teetered
over to him on
unsteady feet.
“So at what point were
you planning on coming
over to say hi?”she
purred in his ear,ignoring the looks she was receiving from his two large companions.He grinned.
“Depends on how
strong a drink I’m
having,”he told her,
swirling the heavy
Russian vodka around in
the almost-empty
glass.His arm went
around her waist as she settled into his lap,
seemingly at-ease in
her new environment.
“Wait”she said,putting a hand on his chest and looking straight into his eyes.
“I’m big on names.What’s yours?”
“Nilay Shekhawat,”he
told her,and her eyes
flashed before she let
out a moan.
“Nilay.That’s so hot,”
she whispered.
“Come on.I want you, and I know you want me.Pay the
right price and your
evening will be nice.”
She winked at him.
He raised his eyebrows
and exchanged a smirk
with his companions
before allowing her to
take him up the stairs
to her room.She slid her
key into the slot and
threw the door open,
sauntering in.His eyes
focused on the view he
had from behind her as
he shut the door behind
him.His friends stood
outside the door,but
she didn’t seem to
peeled off the black
shrug,leaving her
shoulders bare.She
turned to face him,a
coy smile on her lips.
She took three steps
towards him,grabbing
the lapels of his sports
jacket and helping him
take it off.His eyes
never left the bare skin
of her shoulders,her
arms,her chest.Hers
never left the holster
that held two
“Oh,my,”she gasped,
backing up quickly.She
sat down on the bed,
eyes not leaving the
guns.Her eyes brimmed
with tears as her gaze
met his.
“Who are you?”she
whispered,fear clinging
to her beautiful
“Shh,baby”he said,
shrugging the holster
off and kneeling in front
of her.He held her
cheek,caressed her
soft auburn waves.
“I’m not a cop,and I’m
not a criminal.”
A lie,and they both
knew it.But she
seemed reassured by
his touch,and the smile
reappeared on her face.
She kissed him quickly
and then threw him on
the bed,a fantastic
feat for their
proportions:she was
much thinner than he,
but what he didn’t
notice were the lean
muscles that looped
along her body.
She pulled out a pair of
fluffy pink handcuffs
from her bag and
winked when his eyes
widened at the sight.
“What can I say?I’m a
little kinky”she winked
and reached for his
wrists to lock them
together.When he
hesitated,she pouted.
“Oh,come on.Don’t tell
me you’re scared of a
little pink.”
He shifted his position
slightly,as if he was
“Bad memories.”His smile looked slightly forced,almost like he was trying to hide from her how he was actually feeling.She didn’t give off the appearance of
knowing that,however.
Instead,she grinned
and crawled towards
him from the foot of
the bed.
“Ooh,have you been
naughty?”she teased.
He smirked at her,
which was answer
enough for her.She
winked at him and took
one of his wrists,
clicking it into the cuff.
“I promise I won’t give
you anything you don’t
deserve,”she told him,
and clicked his other
wrist in place.Then, her
hazel eyes widened.
“I have to take care of
something”she said,
giving him a sexy half-
“I’ll be right back!”she pressed a chaste kiss to his cheek and disappeared into
the bathroom.He lay
there against the
pillows and sheets,
waiting patiently for
the beautiful stranger
to return to him.She
went into the bathroom and pressed her lips to the wishbone pendant on the silver chain around her neck.Then,she took a deep breath,smiled at her reflection in the mirror,and headed back to him.
“Ready to have fun?”
she purred,climbing on
top of him.She grabbed
his shirt.
“Take this off”she ordered,voice
low and husky.She
watched through half-
closed eyes as he
hurried to do as she
said.He was tugging at
the figure-hugging
dress she wore when
the men crashed
through the window.
She leaped off of him and sprinted for the door,double-checking the locks and peeking out the hole to see if Nilay Shekhawat’s bodyguards had noticed the commotion.They were still standing there,waiting patiently for their boss to come out of the room.
She grinned in satisfaction,turning to survey the
scene going down in her
hotel room.
Shekhawat had been pulled from the bed and
forced to his knees..
Her Mission of ‘CATCHING THE MAFIA’ had been accomplished!
She was a silent hero,she’d taken the charge of throwing him down the cliff,he was standing onto.
Of that cliff of crimes,he was an ultimate king while for her normal life,he’d been a rapist-a devil who’d snatched her sister’s life.
She’s satisfied today.She’s the real Mardaani!