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Three words for this book- Amazing, Amazing and AMAZING.
Wait! Did I repeat myself ?
Jokes Apart!

‘LET THE GAME BEGIN’ is the second book of a very talented Indian author- Sandeep Sharma.
The cover of the book where speaks volume about the story; the blurb itself is self-sufficient.
‘LET THE GAME BEGIN’ is a mixture of ‘OHs’ and ‘OOHs’ ; it indeed, is a combination of emotions ranging from friendship, love, betrayal and revenge.

Two kingdoms- Chaturanga and Sarprakt are at war with each other. But for Sarprakt, defeating Chaturanga is not just a piece of cake.

When the king of Chaturanga is blessed with a son, the whole kingdom is drowned in the celebrations; unaware of the unknown stratagem that is cooking in the other kingdom.
From here, starts the game of chess , which further becomes the main reason for the gruesome history, bloodshed and the destruction of a whole kingdom.

Years later, serial killings shock the people. The only evidence, police find every time a murder happens, is a chess piece and a message ( in a strange language ).
The only question that keeps you intrigued with this story is- ‘Why is chess a connecting link between these two different stories ? Is there any link between the unsolved mystery of past and the raising mystery of present..?

This book is absolutely enthralling to read, with all the ingredients of Drama, emotions, twists and turns. It, indeed is a delightful read and leaves the readers with strong ‘wanting-wanting’ feeling of more.

The author has successfully portrayed the elements of suspense and mystery. The story is not build within just a single era, instead along with one more.
The Plotting and the flow is so in pace, that every chapter ends in a cliffhanger.

Although, the major drawback in the book is that of editing and proofreading, but keeping that aside, the book, the plot and all the characters are perfectly made.

Overall, a thrilling read!


Book Cover : 5/5
Book Title : 4.5/5
Narration : 4/5
Story : 5/5

Overall Rate : 4.5/5





Kasak, a girl blessed with powers to predict the future. How does she do it ? How does she end up with such powers ? That’s what will be found in the book and its story. Will these powers help her to solve the biggest problem in her life ? Will she be able to solve the biggest mystery ?
After losing her family, Kasak becomes the part of a wonderful family, of her Uncle , Aunt , and cousin – Ravi, who is naughty yet an integral part of her life.


Jaydeep Khot, is a 21-year-old writer. An alumnus of Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics , he made a start in the literary world from his debut novel : 50 Miles – A Reverse Journey , while Envisage is his second book.


Title of the book is catchy and very impressive, along with the book’s size, which is relatively small, just shy of 80 pages.
A reader is mostly attracted to a new book by the creativity shown as its cover page.
The cover of “Envisage” is amazing as well as a curiosity-raiser.


The language is simple and softly written, which is a plus point for us, readers.
The book doesn’t include any troublesome vocabulary which would’ve made it harder to finish or read.


If the narration of a story is indeed beautifully done then, we can easily find ourselves engrossed in the story, which can be considered as a brownie point for an author.
This book’s story is inscribed simply yet with a flavour of suspense and mystery, that too concluded in the smallest suspense genre book ever.
Author’s introduction of ‘Taekwondo’ in the story is also worth praising.


1. Although the story is short and simple, yet one can find the storyline fast paced with all mysteries solving one after other in a fast pace.

2. Proper proof-reading could’ve made the story more powerful and impressive.


1. Short yet a page-turner.

2. Simplicity of the story and language is worth a praise.

3. The cover is pretty creative.

Nevertheless, the book is one fine , light read !


KALIYUG – The Secret Plot



There are some books which tend to surprise a reader to a great extent, with the content, language, and ofcourse , the story line.
‘Kaliyug- The Secret Plot’ is one of them.

When I first received the e-book version of this book, I was not very thrilled, reason being the mythological genre of the book. But then again, now If I may say the book and author has amazed me with the story, then this may be considered as an understatement.

The summary was indeed beautifully written. The book includes all the mythological tales, ( I am sure one has been hearing about, since childhood. ) in telltale format.
The book revolves around Kali and Kaliyug’s secretive battle with its twisted secretive plot.


B.S. Sarwagna Kumar is a proud student of Film making at Ramoji Academy of Film and Television.
This is his first attempt in writing and well needless to say what’s making this world something which it shouldn’t be, has what inspired him to dig into kaliyug.


By far, the title and the cover of this book is one of the most catchy yet impressive creation, I have seen.
The title of the book is real predictable and one can easily judge the book by its cover, although that might proved wrong by the inside story of the book.
Cover of the book is really pretty and creative. Hence, will definitely grab more attention.


The language is perfectly inscribed and might I add, this time the book indeed includes several heavy words, which might make you use that long-hidden dictionary of yours.
Although, the language is full of heavy vocabulary but indeed the story is not at all boring, with the usage of such.


The story goes in a soft flow with curiosity raising in one’s heart.
One can never guess what is to happen next in the book and that is what may considered as an interesting thing with respect to the book.
The book explains about various Yuga(s) and their significance. Each yuga starting with an interesting tale and ending with the start of other.


1. Since the book is mythological as well as somewhat spiritual, it might attract only the attention of certain section of readers.

2. Despite of having a strong story line, the book is stretched far too much for some reader’s liking.


1. The book title and cover are very creative.

2. The story line is strong. ( I am not into such books but still it was worth a read . )

3. The language, the editing and the grammar is well-maintained.

Above everything, I liked the book fine and wish Mr. Writer a good luck for the book.


Entangled Lives #3 – #celebrateblogging

Hi, guys,

We, the team Potliwale Baba, are writing a fictional story as a part of #CelebrateBlogging – Game of Blogs.


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Mumbai never sleeps, for the nocturnal life in the most glamorous city of India habitually consists of half-baked brats, criminals, sick patients, night duty watchmen, and of course writers.

Sitting in his study, surrounded by a stack of classics and transitory fiction paperbacks, Shekhar Dutta was having a staring contest with a blank paper. And he was indeed losing it. He wasn’t against technology; a kindle, an anniversary gift from Tara, was there on the table as a proof. He also used his Dell laptop for research purposes, at least that’s what he claims. Most of his time is spent in trying to find nitpicks that he can publish in local newspaper, in his words, ‘Just to pay the bills’. But when it comes to real writing, nothing can replace the feel of paper on your wrist. He was the old-school type and he was old too. From his eccentric childhood and troublesome teenage he learnt more than a few ways by which he can hide himself behind a smile and habituated to blissful nature, to blend in with others. But at the time of writing, as Gallico said, “You have to bleed”. This was the moment when he was more open and vulnerable. That’s the reason he was awake at 2:45 AM, to be alone. But tonight was different.

The click on the lock and sound of door opening announced the arrival of his wife, Tara. As soon as Tara enters the house she calls to her maid, who was clearly woken up by the bang sound of Tara’s arrival, saying, “I will not have dinner, and get a medicine for headache.”

“Ah, finally. The provider of this home has arrived. Now I can sleep in peace knowing there will be food tomorrow.”

Shekhar said across the hall.

“Not tonight. It was a long day.” Tara said.

“And half of the night.”

“I’m really exhausted. I don’t have any energy left to waste on you,” Tara said undressing the formals and heading toward the powder room.

“You never do, my love.” Shekhar said, slumping back on his chair and thinking how there was a time when his marriage life was picture-perfect, may be too perfect to believe that it was true. But only pictures never change.

It’s not that there is no love anymore, but it’s just not a priority anymore.

“Roohi in bed?” Tara asked coming out of the powder room in a bathrobe.

All the coherent thoughts that formed in Shekhar’s mind went in the dark again. He loved his daughter, she was the reason he decided to be a stay-at-home dad. In his words again, she was the ‘light of his life’. But now, maybe the inferiority complex was getting unbearable or maybe the past he endured so long was at last creeping out or maybe just the priorities have changed.

“So kind of you to remember our daughter, she is in next room watching Showtime,” he said.

“Can’t you give a straight answer to anything? Save the mockery for your writing,” she said glancing at the blank paper.

“Sorry. I am not at right place. I read her Stardust, she fell asleep in the 2nd “I know it is getting hard for you, and I am not around much too, but it is a big project and everything I am doing is for us. If all goes as per the plan, we could enjoy a vacation at month’s end. Where do you wanna go?” She asked climbing the bed.

“Somewhere alone,” he grunted.

“I am no writer, but don’t they say ‘write what you know’? People are writing about their college flings and they are the bestsellers.”

“The first thing to go in a doomed society is art. All these so-called bestsellers, novels, movies and music are crap.”

“Then write some crap. I’m tired of this glooming Shekhar. You must have some interesting experiences too, why don’t you write about your teenage?”

“Sure, honey. Goodnight”

“I was just trying to make a conversation here,” she said dragging the sheets over her head.

“Why I don’t want to write about my teenage? Well, because I don’t want to go in prison,” Shekhar thought.

~to be continued here

“Me and my team are participating in ‘Game Of Blogs’ at #CelebrateBlogging with us.”

Our Team Members: Srilakshmi Indrasenan, Sneha Bhattacharjee, Hemantkumar Jain, Shameem Rizwana, Shoumik De, Nirav Thakker, Tushar, Ritu Pandey.

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The girl downed the
contents of the shot
glass in one quick
movement,flinching as
she swallowed.Her
eyes were locked with
his from across the
room,as they had been
for the past few
minutes.She paused for
a moment,as if to
muster up the courage,
then grabbed her tiny
black bag and teetered
over to him on
unsteady feet.
“So at what point were
you planning on coming
over to say hi?”she
purred in his ear,ignoring the looks she was receiving from his two large companions.He grinned.
“Depends on how
strong a drink I’m
having,”he told her,
swirling the heavy
Russian vodka around in
the almost-empty
glass.His arm went
around her waist as she settled into his lap,
seemingly at-ease in
her new environment.
“Wait”she said,putting a hand on his chest and looking straight into his eyes.
“I’m big on names.What’s yours?”
“Nilay Shekhawat,”he
told her,and her eyes
flashed before she let
out a moan.
“Nilay.That’s so hot,”
she whispered.
“Come on.I want you, and I know you want me.Pay the
right price and your
evening will be nice.”
She winked at him.
He raised his eyebrows
and exchanged a smirk
with his companions
before allowing her to
take him up the stairs
to her room.She slid her
key into the slot and
threw the door open,
sauntering in.His eyes
focused on the view he
had from behind her as
he shut the door behind
him.His friends stood
outside the door,but
she didn’t seem to
peeled off the black
shrug,leaving her
shoulders bare.She
turned to face him,a
coy smile on her lips.
She took three steps
towards him,grabbing
the lapels of his sports
jacket and helping him
take it off.His eyes
never left the bare skin
of her shoulders,her
arms,her chest.Hers
never left the holster
that held two
“Oh,my,”she gasped,
backing up quickly.She
sat down on the bed,
eyes not leaving the
guns.Her eyes brimmed
with tears as her gaze
met his.
“Who are you?”she
whispered,fear clinging
to her beautiful
“Shh,baby”he said,
shrugging the holster
off and kneeling in front
of her.He held her
cheek,caressed her
soft auburn waves.
“I’m not a cop,and I’m
not a criminal.”
A lie,and they both
knew it.But she
seemed reassured by
his touch,and the smile
reappeared on her face.
She kissed him quickly
and then threw him on
the bed,a fantastic
feat for their
proportions:she was
much thinner than he,
but what he didn’t
notice were the lean
muscles that looped
along her body.
She pulled out a pair of
fluffy pink handcuffs
from her bag and
winked when his eyes
widened at the sight.
“What can I say?I’m a
little kinky”she winked
and reached for his
wrists to lock them
together.When he
hesitated,she pouted.
“Oh,come on.Don’t tell
me you’re scared of a
little pink.”
He shifted his position
slightly,as if he was
“Bad memories.”His smile looked slightly forced,almost like he was trying to hide from her how he was actually feeling.She didn’t give off the appearance of
knowing that,however.
Instead,she grinned
and crawled towards
him from the foot of
the bed.
“Ooh,have you been
naughty?”she teased.
He smirked at her,
which was answer
enough for her.She
winked at him and took
one of his wrists,
clicking it into the cuff.
“I promise I won’t give
you anything you don’t
deserve,”she told him,
and clicked his other
wrist in place.Then, her
hazel eyes widened.
“I have to take care of
something”she said,
giving him a sexy half-
“I’ll be right back!”she pressed a chaste kiss to his cheek and disappeared into
the bathroom.He lay
there against the
pillows and sheets,
waiting patiently for
the beautiful stranger
to return to him.She
went into the bathroom and pressed her lips to the wishbone pendant on the silver chain around her neck.Then,she took a deep breath,smiled at her reflection in the mirror,and headed back to him.
“Ready to have fun?”
she purred,climbing on
top of him.She grabbed
his shirt.
“Take this off”she ordered,voice
low and husky.She
watched through half-
closed eyes as he
hurried to do as she
said.He was tugging at
the figure-hugging
dress she wore when
the men crashed
through the window.
She leaped off of him and sprinted for the door,double-checking the locks and peeking out the hole to see if Nilay Shekhawat’s bodyguards had noticed the commotion.They were still standing there,waiting patiently for their boss to come out of the room.
She grinned in satisfaction,turning to survey the
scene going down in her
hotel room.
Shekhawat had been pulled from the bed and
forced to his knees..
Her Mission of ‘CATCHING THE MAFIA’ had been accomplished!
She was a silent hero,she’d taken the charge of throwing him down the cliff,he was standing onto.
Of that cliff of crimes,he was an ultimate king while for her normal life,he’d been a rapist-a devil who’d snatched her sister’s life.
She’s satisfied today.She’s the real Mardaani!

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