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April 2016

First Victim

You heard that sound, that sound of something shattering into pieces. Well, that’s my heart, you see.
I thought of having him reserved, for me forever. But maybe not.
The love in her eyes for him, for my boy was enough to kill me slowly and painfully.


But what I didn’t expect was the need of him ‘of her’. I could see the dark look on his face, the way he was sneaking glances at her. Oh how I used to love those eyes and the need in them.
The lust was clear in the brown orbs of his. I sighed. I knew what was about to happen in that lady’s life.
I knew how long that love was going to last. I knew because I was his first victim.




Beyond – is about the experiences , that the author encountered during a course in stress management.
The book being based on reality is definitely not just a work of fiction.
It clearly revolves around the incidents , that occurred in author’s life after being enrolled for the meditation program.

The book consists of the story of a young lady in her early 30s. She decides to get herself signed up for a stress management course , just out of curiosity and not because of any dire need.
It is clearly based on such personal experiences encountered by her during the sessions, she undertook that changed the course of her life.
The author having a powerful imagination, brilliantly framed up some really hilarious instances.
Such instances only add interest to a reader , to read it in one go.
The book has been written in a simple language and is good for everyone.
It consists of some really strong messages to convey as well , and hence making the author’s contribution to the literature field, a big one.

Rating – 4/5

18 Via Teen – Be yourself


Teenage life – possibly is all about what you want and can’t have. And then about what you receive and misuse.    — Jonathan Lethem

’18 Via Teen – Be yourself’ – As the name depicts it all. It revolves around the life aspects of a teenager.
It is all about the rollercoaster rides , a teen goes through after entering a certain phase of their life – Eighteen. A more maturing phase.

The book consists of twenty three different examples in the form of short stories , to describe well , the psychology , the hope , aspirations , apprehensions , insecurities , dilemmas , sensitiveness and ofcourse a new form of budding love – teenage love ; each related with a phase , every teenager goes through.

Each story consists a piece of a message , along with a self-written quote on the very top; adds a cherry to the cake.

Though the book being a very first of its own and written by a new and budding author , it lacks the element of interest , and hence unable to bind a reader for a long time to the book.

Sidestepping all the minor errors and grammatical glitches , in writing , one could genuinely read it and it could end up as a strong motivator for teens , who find it hard to survive the hardships that come in their lives as an obstacle.


* Unputdownable for teens.

*  Simply written and narration is well-organized.

*  Fast paced and easy read.

* A one-time read.


*  Minute grammatical mistakes.

*  Few stories give a feel of ‘could have been written better’ or ‘could have been ended better’.

*  Cover-design could have been designed more accordingly or attractively.

* Stories could have been introduced with more of the interesting element.


Although the book holds few negative points, still the author has made an appreciable entry in the literature world.

More books are yet to come of the respective author ( We, readers hope ) , and readers like me will definitely be waiting for more extraordinarily and polished-ly written books in the near future.

All the very best!

Rating- 3/5

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