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Entangled Lives – #CelebrateBlogging #GameofBlogs – Chapter 25

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We, the team Potliwale Baba, are writing a fictional story as a part of #CelebrateBlogging – Game of Blogs.


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Time passed really fast, it felt like it took just a moment for him to get back to the police station from the cafe.

Java took the key out from his bike’s lock, assuring himself that he’d locked it already. He marched inside the station to get a team ready for his final destination – Jennifer’s house!

A team of four male constables and one female constable was all that he needed for his this job.

“The idea of including a female constable in the team for that young lady will surely work; God only knows how she’d react when I inform her about this search. God am I a genius,” Java grinned to himself and walked out.

It was 4 in the evening by the time the pack of wolves showed up at the rabbit hole.

Java being the head of operations, knocked the door. As expected, a sleepy and dazed Jenny in her typical blue razorback and denim shorts opened the door.

“Hello Miss Jennifer,” Java smiled crookedly and entered her house, totally ignoring her presence with his team trailing behind him.

“What are you doing here?” Jenny asked with anger slowly building up in her voice.

“Nothing much. I, with my team here, wanted to explore the flat of the most talented ‘Photographer’,” Java replied while making sure to air quote the word photographer.

“What do you mean Mr. Jawalkar?”

“Well, I had this thought troubling me that your sudden meeting with Mrs. Dutta in the café couldn’t have been a mere co-incidence, so, being an intelligent officer enquired about your presence at the café from the manager of the same café and guess what…”

Jenny cut him off mid-sentence in a low tone.

“You found out about the truth, I know!”

“Bingo!!” Java squealed with pleasure, then quickly regaining his composure, “So tell me, why did you kill the maid Naina?” Java asked curiously.

“What the…! Hey! I did not kill her,” making sure her point was emphasized, she continued, “agreed I started going to that café because I wanted to meet Mrs. Dutta and get her to hire me as the photographer she’d been seeking,” Jennifer tried to fight back.

“Oh well, Jennifer, a thief would never say ‘he is a thief’, so as you. I don’t believe you. And if you know you’re clean, you have nothing to fear while we search your house and belongings,” Java said, all the while circling Jenny like a hungry wolf. He immediately ordered his team to start their work.

“What? Why? You can’t just search my flat like this damn it!” Jennifer yelled.

“Calm down young lady. Don’t worry, we’ve all the necessary orders and paper work done for you,” Java replied calmly handing her the search warrant.

Meanwhile, the team started rummaging through all things available. After going through the several drawers, lockers and bed-sides, Java was getting disappointed about not finding a single useful evidence until his eyes landed upon an old rusty, locked box.

Suddenly coming back to life, the two in him devils started, “Seems like, this is what you’re seeking for Java!’ the first devil’s voice spoke to him. The next seemed to be egged on with this and added, “Go on Java, make it your day. This is what you were waiting for!”

He mentally nodded and then turned to see now a totally color drained face of Jennifer.

“Miss, I want the keys and that shall be now!” Java ordered, gesturing his thumb towards the box.

“Well… uh… I have lost the key long ago!” Jenny’s stuttering voice was saying the truth about hiding a ‘truth’ and a major one at that.

“It is strange you keep a box and have not bothered to have it opened despite losing the keys! I’ve my own ways Miss Jenny to open such boxes, your loss!” Java laughed blankly and ordered one of his constables to open the lock.

“Sir! It’s open now,” the Constable called out to Java, who was staring at Jenny’s tanned legs with his eyes full of lust.

“I can see that you idiot!” Java scolded the poor guy for disturbing him, then moved towards the old box.

“Oh wow! Look what I found Miss Jenny, a gold mine! Would you like to guess? Oh forget it, you know it already, don’t you? Photographs of you and Virus, gifts and other proof of your invisible relationship with that Virus guy, seems like it’s my lucky day. Care to explain this Miss Jenny?” Java asked his target who seemed to be devastated and shivering by now.

“That was my past Inspector, leave it alone will you, ” Jenny replied, trying to form more words.

“Oh I see! I would like to see your cell phone and laptop as well?” Java demanded.

Jenny protested but then realized that it would be of no help against a lecherous bastard like Java. “Do I have an option? Here!” Jenny handed him her phone and laptop reluctantly.

He ordered his team to immediately pull out her call records from the mobile service provider and made note of her mobile number himself. After spending some time, which felt like few hours, on her phone and laptop, “Sorry again Miss Jenny, as per your explanation he’s your past, in that case, can you explain this?” Java asked her pointing to a folder on her laptop hard disk named ‘Our moments’ full of photographs of Cyrus and her.

By then, he had also received the call records with a list of frequently dialed numbers. “If he’s your past, can you also explain why have you made so many calls to him in the last few days?” Java asked this time with even more emphasis on his words.

“Thief… got caught red handed, now tell me the truth about why the two of you pretended to be complete strangers?” Java enquired.

“Enough Inspector. I’ve all our memories saved yet because I did not break up with him, he did. Cyrus and I loved each other over a year back. We were in a relationship, but he, due to reasons best known to him, called it off! And believe me Inspector, we hadn’t been in contact even once after that. I literally hated him after our break up. Had I known beforehand about his presence at Dutta’s, I would have never ever visited that forsaken place, I swear. I was surprised to see Cyrus in that house. In fact, he moved on.” Jenny stammered it all out, all that she could in one breath, with an emphasis on the last sentence.

While on the other side, the two voices in Java’s head had started teasing him again.

Turning to the left, trying to listen to the first one, “Interesting, Java, I bet she’s lying,” the first voice screamed.

“Or maybe Cyrus and Jenny are the main culprits behind this whole murder, Java,” interrupted the other voice forcing him to turn to his right.

The bickering continued for a while, each drawing Java’s attention more than the other. Finally, Java nodded his head to left, then to the right and shut off both the voices in his head at once.

“Hmm… Jenny and Virus… both had been behaving as strangers although they’ve had a romantic history… Interesting! A further interrogation is needed I am sure,” Java thought; then turning towards Jenny who now appeared to be shivering even more in fear now that her cat was out of the bag, he laughed triumphantly and came close to Jenny.

“Like I said before, I don’t believe you lady. Reach the police station with your lover boy tomorrow at 9 am sharp” pausing to give a thought, “and don’t think of giving it a miss, Miss, or you’ll be arrested,” he added while mentally slapping her on her hind side and relishing the feeling of doing it really.

“Come on people, let’s go!!” Java screamed and left the house.

Little did he know that the killer whistled and started to write

One word, four letters
changes our lives
One word, four letters
changes our lives
Stab my heart
And cut my chest
Take my heart
And eat the flesh
~continued here

“Me and my team are participating in ‘Game Of Blogs’ at #CelebrateBlogging with us.”

Our Team Members: Srilakshmi Indrasenan, Sneha Bhattacharjee, Hemantkumar Jain, Shameem Rizwana, Shoumik De, Nirav Thakker, Tushar, Ritu Pandey.

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Sanyukta’s Pov
“Good bye Sanyu! I am going now and now you’ll have to take care of the family”A lady whispered in my ears and I opened my eyes with a jerk & den closed them instantly as the lights of the room I was in,was killing them.
I opened them again,slowly this time,First I felt my vision blurry then It got adjusted with the level of white light.
” Where am I ?? ” I tried to scream but my voice came out like a whisper,while my head ache was killing my eyes out.
” Calm down Ms. Agarwal,you’re in hospital! Don’t you remember what has happened to your car? ” A man in white long coat asked me.
Then It hit me,yes! I did remember,how my stomach began to ache and how I,randhir and Mrs. Shekhawat got attacked by that black car-FUCK! THAT..that car was of Jordan,yes I remember now,he..he tried to kill us,he tried to kill my baby.
I touched my hump and got surprised,it was not there!
‘And what about Randhir and Mrs. Shekhawat,are they okay?’ I thought and trembled with the thought of them getting hurt. I couldn’t let them die.
” Doc-doctor..where is my hump and..and where is Randhir and and Mrs. Shekhawat??” I asked doctor terribly scared about their well being.
” Uh well babies are here..Sanyu!” I heard a faint voice,I tilted my head towards the voice and saw randhir standing at the door with two babies,one at left and other at right.
I chuckled and got hyper excited
” Randhi-Randhir are they our babies..oh my god twins!! Let me see them please! ” I said with tears streaming down the eyes.
“Here and yes they’re our babies!” Randhir said in a low tone,which I ignored and sat up to hold my babies.
“Awwh they’re so sweet,oh my my,see randhir two girls,like I told you,awwh,see they’re smiling oh my god randhir why are you standing there,see how cute are they?” I said in an excited voice and looked at randhir and he moved.
But instead of moving towards me,he rushed out of the room,crying which ofcourse shocked me.
Then Again It hit me,who was that lady who whispered to me to take care of the family.
OH MY GOD! Mrs. Shekhawat!!!
Randhir’s Pov
I rushed out of the hospital and sat on the bench which was at the park area of the hospital.
You are thinking why was I crying when my gf had given birth to two little angels,instead of being happy and celebrating.
Well for your knowledge,I’d lost my mother,who had given me birth and due to whom?
Because of that dog Jordan,yes you’re shocked I know,but he killed my mother,and in an attempt of killing us all he himself had lost his balance and a truck hit his car,he too died,good for him.
But My mother left me,I never had a proper talk with her and she,in an attempt of saving us got killed.
I didn’t tell Sanyu about this because she’d already gone through a lot,so we already had done with mother’s funeral.
All were shocked especially dad and Shanaya,but we made them understand that no one could stop god from doing all what he’d decided already. They’re okay now but Sanyukta,well I guess doctors had already told her about mother’s death,and may be She was feeling alone.
I made my way back to her room and during the way,I glanced at the faces of my gloomy family members. I smiled at them weakly and they returned it instantly. Maybe I should act strong infront of them.
When I went inside the room,I saw sanyu drenched with her tears,she looked at me and started
“Rand-Randhir,this all happened because of me. I shouldn’t get pregnant with your baby,I shouldn’t enter your house,see what I did,you lost your mom! Shit! I should die! ” I ran towards her as she tried to pluck off all the wires,which were surrounding her body.
“Sanyu..SANYUKTA!Stop it love” I screamed at the top of my voice that the doctor and nurses looked at me and thanks to god they left the room.
I waited for anyone else to enter the room but no one did,so I watched her getting a bit calm.
” Love you did nothing! Got it? Please,don’t forget that she loved you okay? Please,she died because god wanted her to please don’t blame yourself! ”
I tried to calm her down
and seemed like she did get calmed as she looked tired,I made her sleep on the pillow and she fell asleep.
Sanyukta’s Pov
It had been few weeks when that terrible accident took place and snatched Rd’s mother and a wonderful lady from us.
Few days passed like really gloomy and awkward. Shanaya’s behaviour had changed a lot,she never left her room for days and night until I talked with her and made her understand that it was not her fault that her mother died,it was god’s wish and she should move on.
After few days,she understood it and guess what I and she were now good friends,like really good friends.
And my kids? Well they’re three weeks old now,everyone now played with them maybe to memorise Auntie.
I know,its early,but dad asked us to get married.

Sanyukta’s Pov
*CLICKK* this sound was killing me from inside,I remembered,how I’d collapsed on the ground when I heard the gun’s sound of maybe Alex’s or maybe Samir’s gun,Oh I didn’t remember.
“Beta what’re you thinking about?”I heard a manly yet familiar voice- a voice I’d longed for hearing again.
My dad’s voice,I turned around and found him looking at me lovingly like the way he used to when he was with I and mother.
I smiled at him and he returned it gracefully.
“Nothing da-” I stopped.
WAIT!How was that possible ? Dad had died when I was 10,how could he return? And what was I doing here at my old house,Was I dead or what?
All of my thoughts got interrupted when I felt a soft hushing sound and heard someone very familiar calling my name.
I opened my eyes while blinking it rapidly and saw randhir.
“Randh-Randhir?Where am I ? And that bullet,who got assasinated by that asshole alex ? Randhir are you all right ? And Samir ? what about other boys and what happened to Alex and his gang? Please tell me,why are you silent,damn it!” I asked in a frequent flow and squeezed his hand annoyingly when I recognized the place where I was at that time.
“Sanyu calm down love,you’ve collapsed there when Jignesh from behind of Alex triggered his gun and hit alex.After you’ve collapsed,cat and dog kinda fights started and ofcourse we won,and that dog alex died while rest of the boys except Jordan are in police’s custody.
Jordan is nowhere to be seen and by the way you’re at home,as we’d brought you here after the fight.Jesus! You’re such a trouble to carry seriously babe.” Randhir chuckled and everyone laughed including Shanaya and thats when I realized that the whole family was around me and me..well like a typical dumb,I didn’t notice them.
Everyone surrounded me once again and the boys gave me a light hug one by one while Kaustu almost killed me during her that bone crushing hug.
Everything seemed okay that time like that ‘ALEX’ chapter was already over but It was rightly said,good things are always followed by bad realities.
Everything was going well,when this day my stomach ached..ahh It was aching like someone was kicking my stomach continuosly.
I thanked to god that due to my constant screamings and kickings,Randhir and the whole mansion had surrounded me with the worry look pasted on their face.
“I think its the time now”Mrs. Shekhawat said hurriedly.
“What time mom?”Randhir asked idiotically.
“IDIOT,Labour time it’s!!Take her to hospital now”Shouted Mrs. Shekhawat and then Randhir carried me to his car,ofcourse in bridal style.
While everyone else jumped into their cars,with Randhir and I was Mrs. Shekhawat,afterall she knew everything about this ‘pain’ thing.
“Sanyu,try to not close your eyes,be with us conscious”Mrs. Shekhawat coed while caressing my hairs.
I nodded and Randhir started the car and pulled it out of the driveway and ran it on the wide main road.
And just when I thought we were near to the hospital,I heard a loud honk and saw a large truck coming our way..!
“Randhirr!WATCHIT!”I screamed.
Randhir hurriedly overtook the truck and turned his head towards me-“Hey everyt-
Before his voice could reach my ears,I saw a black,a familiar car intentionally coming towards us and before I could tell Randhir that familiar car attacked us and before randhir could do something,we found that our car had already been dragged off the valley road,we’re moving onto.
I screamed again and this time I could hear the screams,voices and pained sound of people from behind of me of maybe Kaustuki,Samir,Jignesh,and all the loved ones.
I felt myself drifting towards the dark side of my life-MAYBE DEATH.
Loud voices of sirens could be heard by all and they all were carried to the hospital.
The boy,whose name was Randhir was perfectly okay,he had got minor injuries but was inconscious and the two ladies,their name was-Molly Shekhawat and Sanyukta,had got major injuries.
All their family members rushed behind the doctors and nurses who were running towards the OT.
“You guys have to stop here and please stay calm”Doctor said and hurriedly closed the door of O.T.
They all stood there crying,screaming.Sanyukta’s mother was numb while Shanaya was numb for her mother,for she’d asked her mom to go with Sanyukta,She was changing herself,and had started having a soft corner for Sanyukta,but who knew this change could bring this much devastation.
All they could do was WAIT.


Sanyukta’s Pov
“I bought you a
sandwich so you don’t
die, you worth a lot”
Alex said placing the
plate with a sandwich
on my lap and taking
the tape off my mouth.
“And what makes you
think I want your
stupid sandwich ?”
I said regretting it right after I finished my sentence.
“Feed her”
Alex told them ignoring my comment and turning around to walk away.
“Why don’t you feed
He smirked and
picked up the sandwich
and I took a bite
“Come closer”
I told him and he
came closer to my face
like he was about to
kiss me,
and that’s when I spat on his face.
“Bitch!” He slapped me
and I literally felt blood
and a tear forcing its
way out.
“Now you aren’t eating any fucking sandwich, Die bitch” He said and
walked away.
My “guardians” tied my
hands again but didn’t
tape my mouth.
Thank god for handsome people.
“You guys like my voice?That’s why you didn’t tape my mouth?” I asked but I heard
someone fell to the
“I actually love your
voice” I heard Rohan say behind of me and tears of joy streamed down my face. :’)
“Rohann!” I shouted as he untied my hands but I cursed myself for
shouting so hard.
“Stop right there” Jordan’s annoying voice made me frown and I looked back and saw when Rohan turned around and
faced Jordan with the
gun right in front of his
face now.
“Well if it isn’t the sexy guy I like,you know I’m gay too and I want to fuck you”
I opened my eyes wide
then realized my hands
were untied already.
“Sorry but I’m taken” I
looked back and saw
when Rohan kicked his
balls and he fell to the
ground and seconds
later Ayan kicked his
balls from behind.
“And that’s for being a
dick and hitting on my
I got up and kicked him feeling happy.
Then Ayan took the
gun and handed it to me.
“You’ll need it” I nodded.
“we can’t go the same
place, Rohan why don’t
you stay here and tie
Jordan’s hands then look for us.Ayan and I will try to get away” Rohan nodded and Ayan and I walked away.
“I’m so happy you’re
okay, because you’re okay right?” Ayan asked and I pulled him into a tight hug and nodded.
After letting go we
continued to walk.
“Where do you think
you guys are going?” I
heard someone say
behind of me and I
turned around and point
my gun at the guy who
was pointing his gun at
“You kill him, I’ll kill you”
I said turning around
pointing the gun firmly
at him with a serious
look on my face.
“And if you kill him, I’ll
have to kill you”
Someone behind of me
said and I turned half
around and noticed Sam
pointing at me.Now the
unknown guy was
pointing at Ayan,I
was pointing at the
unknown guy and Sam
was pointing at me.
Shit, think quick Sanyu.
While I was thinking
Sam shoot up the air
and I covered my ears
and that’s when Sam
hold my hands behind
my back and carried me
to where we were first
and that’s where
everyone was. The bad
guys holding all the good guys. Except for Randhir who was pointing a gun at Alex’s Little brother
“SANYU!” Randhir shouted and Sam threw me
to Alex so now Alex
was holding me with a
gun pointing at my head.
“You let go of my
brother and I give you
back your bitch”
Alex said and I burst into tears as I saw
everyone I loved being
pointed by a gun
because of me and two
guys pointing a gun to
Randhir only.
Alex pulled the hammer and I
cried out loud.
“Let go of him NOW!” I saw Samir kicked the person that was holding him and he
pointed the gun to him,
that’s when everyone
was fighting with each
other then Randhir ran
up to me and Alex
pointed the gun to him
Pulled the trigger??!! 😮 😦 😮
Everyone stopped and seemed like the air at that moment also stopped.
But still my eyes were so busy in crying that I didn’t notice who got killed- Samir or Me ?? 😥
-T.B.C. ♥ 😀

Pregnant and Broken [ 49 ]

Randhir’s Pov
“The fuck? No way am
I going with you, he’ll kill
me” Karan said
seriously and I saw
everyone glared at him.
“I don’t give a shit
what he does to you,
whatever he does to
you, you deserve it and
if you don’t go,he’ll kill
Sanyu”I said now right in front of him.
“Well will more reasons
I’m not going,If he can
kill Sanyu for no reason
imagine,what he’ll do to
me” Karan said with a
worried look on his face
and guess what? I
didn’t blame him.
“Karan doesn’t have to
go, I volunteer”Jignesh
said and Samir tap his
“I’m with you” I took
the address from
Kaustuki and looked at it.
“You can’t go or he will
kill Sanyu. Is that so hard to understand?” I asked and sat down on the couch.
“I have a plan” I heard
my dad say and we all
looked at him eagerly.
“What is it?” Parth
asked and we gathered
around him and my
mom sat up since she
was leaning on my
father’s chest.
“My dad was a police
officer and I remember
this one important case
they had where this girl
got kidnapped. I
remember everything
they did to save her and
everything went well,
there’s no reason for
this one to not work”
We nodded and some of
us looked at him amused
then my dad told us
what we had to do.
“Let’s get ready for
this” We all nodded and
I went upstairs and
changed my clothes
then 30 minutes later
we were downstairs
and the police officers
were here.
“Mom! Why can’t I go?”
Kunal said almost on
his knees begging my
mom to let him go.
“it’s too dangerous
Kunal and you’re only
18” My mom said
walking around in the
“I made 19 a week ago,
Mom! Please let me go”
I chuckled enjoying this
moment a lot since at
that age, I couldn’t do
anything either.
“We need him Molly,
Let him go” My dad said
and my mom sighed but agreed after all. “Let’s go tell the officers our
My dad told me and I nodded. Kunal
had a smile from ears
to ears which made me
“Since when you people
give us order of how to
rescue a girl?” One of
the officers asked.
“Since we know the
people behind all of this
more than you guys
know them” I said
rudely and he gave me a deadly look.
“Back to business.
Randhir will go to this
place with a briefcase
full of stones instead of money. Samir,Jignesh,Parth and Kunal will
wait for them from a
far with microphones-”
“Hold up! What about
Ayan and I?” Rohan
asked sounding highly
“What can two gay
guys possibly do?” Samir asked and I chuckled.
“We can kick the shit
out of you” Rohan said
walking up to Samir but
Ayan stopped him.
“Fine! All the boys will
wait for Randhir at a far distance. He will
enter and once he’s in
he’ll let them know,
That’s when the boys
will go in quietly and
some way or another
knock out the people
around there then the
police will come and
arrest them when any
of the guys find Sanyu and put her in a safe place”
My dad explained
everything to the police
“And please don’t go
blowing the fucking
sirens because one-
1> They are annoying as fuck and two,
2> The gang will
know the police is
So,it’s stupid to
have the sirens on
when dealing with an
important case” I said
and my dad eyed me
telling me with his eyes
to shut up.[ Okay I was laughing here a lot]
“Excuse me young man? I can arrest you for that” I rolled my eyes but then they agreed to put off the sirens. They
handed us a gun each
except for Kunal.
“What about my gun?”
He asked confident
since my mom or my
dad weren’t there.
“How old are you young
man?” One of the police
officers asked and he
stood tall.
“I’m 19, I’ll be 20 next
week” He said and the
police man handed him a gun but I took it.
“Nice try Kunal. He’s
18 sir” I said and
Kunal glared at me
then pushed me as I
“Let’s go everyone”
The police in charge of
everything said and I
got ready to go.
“Aren’t you coming
dad?” I asked and he
shook his head no.
“I’ll stay here with the
ladies” I nodded then
looked around for
“Have you seen
Karan?” I asked my
“Long time he’s in the
bathroom” I went to
the bathroom and
knocked on the door as
hard as I could.
“Get the hell out Punk” I
shouted banging on the
door every time harder.
“Karan don’t let me
open the door because
I’ll beat up the punk out
of you” He opened the
door and smiled at me
“Don’t you trust me Karan? I’ll
protect you with my
life,man” He smiled
then I handed him the
gun and off we all
Oh god please be with
Sanyukta’s POV
I looked as everyone
moved around doing
their own thing,I still
had tape on my mouth
and my hands were
behind me. All the time
I’ve been here I swore
I’ve seen at least 20
guys walking up and
down with guns and
they’re all around 18-22
years old. I looked behind of me and prayed to god that some way or another lighting would stroke the two handsome guardians behind of me.
Wait! Did I say sexy? Fuck my brain.

Pregnant and Broken [ 48 ]

Sanyukta’s Pov
“Take the tape off her
mouth, I want her to
answer some questions now that I decided I’m going to pimp her”
Alex ordered and the
boy that called me a
‘million dollar’ took off
the tape then moved
his long blonde hair from his face.
“Wha-What are you
going to do to me?”I
asked with tears
streaming down my
face non stop.
“I told you I’m going to
pimp you,listen next
time whore.”He slapped
my right cheek this
time and my face
turned the other way
from how hard he hit
me. He ordered the guy
that was sitting next
to me to get up then he
took the chair and place
it in front of me then he sit down
“Now, since
you’ll be here for a while you should know us.The one that gave me the chair is Jordan my little brother, that one with brown hair is Sam,my best friend and the one with blonde hair is Fred an-”
“Alex your dad said to
call Randhir so he can
get us the money as
soon as possible”Two
boys walked down the
stairs and one of them
handed Alex the phone.
“There’s an older man
here? HELP! I’m
pregnant for god’s
sake,Help me!” I
shouted hoping the
older guy could hear me
and be a good man able
to help me.
“Please shut her up
before I have to shoot
her, you guys know
how much I hate loud
Fred taped my
mouth with tape and I
moved my head so he
don’t tape my mouth
then he eyed Sam and
Jordan and they told me
Randhir’s POV
I walked up and down
still waiting for the god
damn call from Alex.
None of us had slept
the whole night just
waiting for the call.
Alex told me he would
call me and if I call the
police he’d kill Sanyu and I of course didn’t want
him to do it and I knew
for sure he would do it.
“Randhir I don’t even
care anymore if he
doesn’t want us to call
the police,we have to
call” Jignesh said
comforting his mother
who was now sobbing
on his chest.
“You want him to kill
Sanyu ? That’s what you want! He would do it without thinking twice”
I said and looked once
more at my phone
checking if Alex called.
“Yeah just trust the
gangster. Gangsters
knows best” my mom
said pissed off and I
rolled my eyes tired of
her telling me bullshit.
“Not now mom” I said
then I heard my phone
“Everyone shut up,Alex is calling” I picked
up the phone and
everyone surrounded
“Good morning Randhir,
How is everything?
Good? How’s the
family? Enjoying the
day. That’s great”
I had the urge to punch the shit out of him and god if he was right in front of me I’d kill him.
“Don’t fuck me up
Alex, Where is Sanyu ? I
said my voice higher
than I intended it to be.
“Calm down Randhir,She’s alright. Making out
with Sam right now”
“Tell Sam to get his
hands off Sanyu or I’ll fuck him up!” I shouted and I saw Jignesh hit the wall.
“Whatever! Anyways I
need my money and I
need it now. When can
you give me my One
million dollars” I cleared
my throat from the
amount of money he
“What the fuck Alex?
You think I have a bank?
how the hell you want
me to get that money?”
I saw my dad sigh
probably thinking he had
to pay that amount of
“I don’t give a flying
fuck how you get it. You can steal, rob a bank or even threaten the president. I don’t care”
“But the deal was a
thousand dollars”I
heard him shoot and
everyone around me
“Listen to me Randhir.A
million dollars or your
beautiful Sanyukta dies.
Understood?”I looked at my dad and he nodded then I sighed.
“Fine! How do I get it to
you?” I asked and I
heard someone chuckle
in the background.
“Since we are not
stupid, we changed the
place from where we
usually stay so you’ll
bring it to us at
Gingerland *Made up
name* in the only
abandoned burnt house
that’s there and you
must come with Karan
and Randhir I swear if
you come with anyone
else I’ll kill her”
Kaustuki who was sitting next to me wrote the address.
“I want to talk to Sanyu and make sure she’s alright” He chuckled then he ordered someone to take the tape off her mouth.
“SANYU!” I shouted when I
heard her crying.
“Randhir please don’t
come he said he’ll be my pim-”The only thing I heard her say since I
figured someone took
away the phone.
“Put the tape on again”
I heard Alex ordered
and a tear fell down my
cheek knowing that this was my entire fault.
“Remember Randhir, you
come with Karan and
Karan only” He hanged
up then everyone
bombarded me with
“Can you guys just let
me breathe for a sec?”
I asked frustrated then
wiped the tears that
were streaming down.
“I have to go alone or
with Karan or he will kill

Pregnant and Broken [ 47 ]

Sanyukta’s Pov
“Before we begin I
want to say something,I’m happy to have so many people here normally its just the kids,Molly and I and
sometimes Karan and
his dad or Tanya and her parents but now its
quite full” Mr. Shekhawat started with a welcoming smile and we all smiled.
“I want to say thanks for coming and thanks to Sanyu my house looks wonderful,if it weren’t for her,Jignesh, Parth,Kaustuki,Rohan and even her mother wouldn’t be here”I smiled widely and proudly.
“What my husband is
trying to say is that we
are grateful that Sanyu
came into our life since
she came,everything
has changed for the
best.Sanyu you’re a
wonderful person and
both my husband and I
love you,thanks for
being a part of us and
thanks all of you for
joining us”At this point
everyone was smiling
looking at me and Mrs.
Shekhawat as she talked.
“Actually I’m happy
that my son screwed
up and got you
pregnant since then
everything is
wonderful”Mr. Shekhawat said and we all laugh.
“So before we sit down
and eat,let’s pray”We
all nodded but I stopped
“I have something to
say.Thanks Mr. and
Mrs. Shekhawat for having me here.At first I thought it would have
been a disaster and it
was until things started to change. Thanks for supporting me and accepting me as one of the family and thanks to my mom for making the hard decision of letting me go,I know I
thought she did it to
get rid of me but now
I’m understanding,it
was for the best and
I’m grateful for that”A
tear slipped down my
cheek as I talked &
remember the first day
I came here,all of them
lined up waiting for me
to walk in.
“Thanks for tolerating
me & all the things you guys did for me,I love every single one of you because all of you helped me grow up &
thanks mom,I love
you”I looked over at my
mom & she was
crying so was Mrs.
Shekhawat & I saw Randhir about to tear up.
“Yeah nice moment I’m
about to tear up but
can we eat now”Shana
said bored & we all
laughed but Aunty gave
her a dirty look.
“Let’s pray first”We
nodded & Mr. Shekhawat began “Thank you god
for waking us up this
are kind & almighty.
Thank you because
thanks to you we are
here & we are about
to eat.Bless us & the
food & let us have a
merry Christmas,thanks for everything an-”
“Everyone shut the hell
up & Get down”A
rough voice said pointing to us with a gun.I looked around & saw about 8 men with guns & mask.
“AHHHHHH!”Tanyashouted like the stupid
bimbo she was.
“On the fucking floor”
The men said &
forced some of us.I
was still standing & in
“What the hell is this?”
Randhir asked & one
of the robbers took off
his mask.
“Remember me Randhir?Thanks for paying us back”And with that the same man that said that,holded me & pointed the gun at my head.
“SANYU!”My mom shouted but one of the men hit her with the gun causing her to fall on the floor unconscious & that’s when Bhai reacted & a terrible fight began between everyone.
“Please don’t hurt Sanyu,I’ll pay you back” Randhir said & I cried holding my belly & trying to get away from the
man’s grip.
“Too late Randhir now
your girlfriend and
your baby are going to
pay”The man tried to
carry me away &
Randhir tried to fight
him but one of the men
hold him back.
“Randhir!NOO!Let me
go.Please Randhir help
me”The man opened
the door & pushed me
out the house not
holding me anymore.I
tried to run away but
he pointed the gun to me.
“Get in the fucking car
or you and the baby die
or even better I fucking
kill Randhir”He shoot in
the air then everything
went blank.
I woke up sitting on a
chair with my hands
behind my back &
tape over my mouth.I
look around & saw a
staircase a distance in
front of me & windows all over the place.The color of the place was grey & black but it looked like the house got burned.
“Look who’s awake,
how did you sleep
princess”A guy around
my age said trying to
force a sweet voice &
walking up to me.
“Don’t rape her or rape
her whatever,I just
want to get my hands
on her gay friend”A boy
around Kunal’s age
said walking up to us
with a chair.He placed
the chair next to me
& sit down.
“I’m not allowed to
rape her…Yet”He
touched me delicately
& I moved my head from disgust.
“So our million dollars is
million dollars is awake”
Another guy around my
age shouted & the
guy I learned his name
was Alex came
rushing by us.
“Good morning beautiful.I know this isn’t a 5 star hotel or any hotel but it’s what we got if you want anything else just ask okay”He smiled also trying to talk sweetly then all of them laughed.
“Are you hungry?”He asked & I just stared at him.
“Talk to me bitch”He slapped me & a tear streamed down my face.
Never in my life had
anyone slapped me &
damn it hurted.
“I hope you aren’t hungry because you are
going to starve,Bitch”


Pregnant and Broken [ 46 ]

Sanyukta’s Pov
“So you’re inviting your
mom tonight, right
Sanyu?”I nodded at Mr.
Shekhawat as I ate the
French toast.
“I’m happy that you two are getting along” He smiled then there was an awkward silence between all of us.
“Kids I was thinking
that maybe we can all
cook dinner for tonight,
you know since its
They all shouted ‘no’ and walked
out the dinning room
leaving Mrs. Shekhawat with her mouth open.
“Aww don’t worry
Auntie;I can stay if
you want me too” Her
face lit up immediately
and I smiled.
“Really?” She asked
“Nah! Snow boarding is
better”I walked away
then felt sad since she
really wanted us and
me to stay but If we
had maids why didn’t
we just have fun
before eating.
We all drove to the
mountainous part of
Florida which took us
2 hours to drive there.
We were all there
except for Kunal who
was forced by his mom
to stay and Kaustu and
Parth weren’t invited.
HAHA! No, we were not
mean we just wanted to have a ‘family time’ … Rohan included.
“Sweetie you should
have stayed home with
Kunal and Mom” I
glared at Randhir while
shaking like a leaf being
moved by the breeze.
“You see you are dying
of coldness and you
can’t snowboard with
“Why the hell not?” I
asked shaking even
more now that I’s
wearing a jacket.
“Because you are
pregnant, now you stay
here in the car with
Shanaya” I rolled my eyes then I heard the car door shut.
“See you laterz
Randhir opened his mouth wide looking as Shanaya followed the rest.
“Ugh just stay here”
Randhir followed the
rest and I sighed heavily not believing I had to stay here while they had fun.I stood there watching as they had fun for at least 2 hours now while I’s freezing my tits right.Not one of
them stayed with me
or even check up on me.
“No way I’m staying
here while they have
fun”I looked in the car for a snow board and
without thinking I went
down the mountain
passing them straight.
“What the hell Sanyu!” I
heard Rohan shout then I heard the rest shouting things like “get off right now”.
I continued to snow
board while they shouted at me, I even thought about making some flips but I’s not crazy I knew that can harm the baby and I wouldn’t forgive myself if any thing’d happen to the baby because I’s a
dumb ass.
I was going down where they were
but I was going fast
and I saw it hard for
me to stop.
I saw Mr.
Shekhawat extended his hand so he can stop me.I was about to bump into him when he caught me but I sprained my ankle.
“AHH!” I shouted falling
to the snow holding my
ankle.The boys ran up
to me and kneeled
down checking my ankle.
“I’m not even going to
ask you if you are
alright, this is all your
fault and I think I’m
happy it happened”
Randhir said not caring a
bit of how I was.
I rolled my eyes and
winced when Ayan
checked my ankle.
“We have to go now,
we can’t stay if Sanyu
isn’t well” Mr. Shekhawat said and Shanaya growled
giving me a dirty look.
“Way to go Sanyukta” Shanaya said now glaring at me.
Sam lifted me up and we all got into the car.
After two more hours
of driving we were back
home and the house
looked beautiful all
decorated and the smell
of food taking over the
During the entire ride,
Randhir and I didn’t even look at each other. If he wanted to act like a dick I’d act like a bitch, like I even needed to talk to him.
I laid down on the
couch and watched ‘home alone’ while everyone else helped around the house or did their own thing.My ankle wasn’t that bad so I didn’t wrap anything around it.
After 4 hours of
watching ‘home alone
marathon’,It was now
4pm.I walked up to my
room and took a
shower then talked on
the phone with Parth
“So because you’re a
stubborn bitch, you
sprained your ankle”
I rolled my eyes at Parth knowing he wasn’t going to see but for my own satisfaction. :3
“I wasn’t going to stay
there watching as they
had fun while I look at
them” I rubbed my belly
with my left hand while
I hold my phone with
my right hand. :3
“You see Karma is a
bitch, If you would’ve
accepted staying with
Auntie you wouldn’t
be hurt” :/
I hung up without saying anything annoyed of hearing Parth just correcting me. :/
I took a shower with
warm water then got
ready for dinner tonight.
Randhir walked in the
room and we still didn’t
talk. :3
Then Randhir and I got
called downstairs.
“Why did you hang up
on me?” Parth asked
when he saw me. :3
“Because you talk too
much” I stuck out my
tongue at him then hugged my mom and greeted the rest. 🙂
It was time for us to
eat so there was a
bigger table where we
could all sit.We were all
there. Mr. and Mrs.
Shekhawat of course, my mom and Brother, Kaustuki,Parth and Rohan.Shanaya,
Randhir and Me and of
course Karan and Tanya. ♥
Apparently Karan’s dad
didn’t care if he stayed
here and Tanya wanted
to be here. 🙂
-T.B.C ♥

Pregnant and Broken [ 45 ]

Sanyukta’s Pov
I watched as the sun
began to slowly
brighten up the dull sky.
I had been up for
almost an hour now,
looking at Randhir sleeping and snoring lightly every now and then.
The clock
read 7:07 am and I’s
awake so early thanks
to little Randhir not
letting me sleep.
I sighed aloud and leaned back in my chair. Just another ordinary day;nothing to look forward
to.But wait, there was
something to look
forward to! I just
remembered, tonight would be
‘Christmas dinner’.
That’s right it’s
You may be thinking
how can it be December
already and I didn’t
went to college..?
When college opened again, I couldn’t go back to college.I was constantly
hungry and felt lazy so
Randhir would take
notes for both of us
and I’d do my home
Test? That was
the only time I went to
Now it’s Vacation again and I’s loving it. 7 months
pregnant and I can’t
wait to have my baby.
“Baby” I heard Randhir
say and touched the
spot where I normally
sleep, I chuckled since he was probably thinking I
was asleep.
shouted and got up
“Someone miss me” I
walked to the bed and
pecked his lips then he
nodded like a little boy
who was asked if he
wants ice- cream.
“Hey, do you smell
that?” He asked
sniffing; pulling me so I
could sit on the bed.
“No, what is it?” I
asked now sitting on
top of Randhir, praying
to god I’s not so heavy
now that I’s 7 months
“Christmas food” He
said. Ah! Now I began
to smell it.The
decadent aroma of
home made French
toast and eggs.
I got up and Randhir and I rambled down the
stairs, eager to see
what was awaiting us.
Today was going to be
a good day. No thing can
mess up this day.
“No touching the food”
Mrs. Shekhawat hit Randhir’s hand when he was about to take up the French toast. I laughed at
him showing him the
one I got without
getting caught.
“Give me that right
now, Sanyukta Agarwal”I stuck out my tongue
and ran around the
kitchen with Randhir
close behind.
“Stop running in the
kitchen!” Mrs. Shekhawat shouted only wasting her saliva since Randhir and I continued to run around the kitchen until I bumped into Samir.
“Well Good morning Sanyu,I missed you too” He
said when he caught
me then winked at me.
“Sam you have to
protect me from the
‘dark lord of French
toast’ ”I said hugging
him tightly acting as if I
was in real danger
which caused both
Randhir and Sam to
burst out laughing with
Mrs. Shekhawat accompanying
“Ugh! You guys are no
fun” I hold my large 7
months pregnant belly
while sitting on a chair
in the kitchen.
“Of course we are
sweetie, I just freaking
ran a marathon in the
kitchen for you”He
smiled and I rolled my
eyes, narrowing them
to look at Rohan and Brother walking in the kitchen with messy hair.
“Aww did the ladies have fun last night?”Sam
asked in a gay voice
winking at them and
high fiving Randhir.
“Shut up!” Rohan said
walking up to me and
tapping Sam’s butt
with a smile on his face.
“If you want to
conserve your balls
never do that again”
Sam said seriously
hitting the back of
Rohan’s head but Rohan hit him back.
“Stop fighting in the
kitchen or no food
tonight” Mr. Shekhawat said walking in the kitchen stopping Rohan and Sam from getting into a real fight.
For the past months a
lot of things have been
happening.Not things
like the crazy ones that
happened in summer
vacation but everything
was back to normal. Bhai and Kaustu were like inseparable. Parth and Shanaya are hopeless romantics and the sweetest part is that Rohan and Ayan were dating.Weren’t they cute?
And no they didn’t get beat up before that could happen.Ayan’s parents took it quite well but Shana and Sam were freaking out.They told Ayan so many mean things but after all everything was cool.
Since all of that happened Sam and Rohan fought in every occasion possible,they can’t tolerate each other.One
surprising thing that
happened was that Ayan and Shana finally treat each other like twins and Randhir and his parents treat each
other like real family.
Not to brag or anything
but I think I came in
this family to change
everything for the
better even though
Shana & I weren’t
friends,I still forgave
her about tripping me
because I’s sure as hell
she tripped me.
“Good morning Boys and
Girls”Kunal walked in
smiling widely with
Shana next to him.
“Good morning big man
that wears Santa Claus
Pajamas on Christmas
morning”I said making
him blush and making
him run out of the
“Please guys,tonight is
Christmas dinner and if
you guys don’t leave
the kitchen I don’t think
the maids can cook”
Mrs. Shekhawat said as she walked out the kitchen to the dinning room with plates.
“That’s right kids so
let’s go eat breakfast
then we can all go snowboarding”Uncle said & we all shouted
happily walking to the
dinning room taking our
places as usual.. ♥

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