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The Bestseller She Wrote


This story revolves around a successful banker,popular writer,loving husband and father,Aditya Kapoor. According to author, the protagonist has it all. He is a perfect definition of a ‘great’,’well-settled’ human,until one day this definition starts deteriorating,when Aditya’s world collides with a young student,Shreya Kaushik’s world.

It all begins when Aditya is invited to give a speech at his Alma mater,IIM Bengaluru,where he and Shreya have a heated confrontation (I won’t say an argument,because Aditya keep his calm during the whole conversation). After having this type of meet-up,Aditya seems more frustrating and angrier with the poor girl,but when she writes back to him admiring his work after reading his book in a single night,shows up in his talk-show in a local book-store,and keeps gushing about his work,makes Aditya slowly fall for her.

He makes sure to get her hired from campus and assigned to him; all thanks to the HR for the bank who is his best friend- Sanjay.

From there starts an extra marital affair of Aditya with Shreya,who comes out as an aspiring author. What he doesn’t know is the fact that the young lady here is planning to be an award-winning author by using Aditya’s name and him.
Unaware of this,he helps in editing her work and sends it to the publisher,which further on picks up by the publisher for publishing. What seems right and perfect for his male-ego,Aditya finds it all wrong and a well-planned game of Shreya; with a single motive of getting herself published, known and to get him.
And then Aditya has to set on a path of course correction.

Ravi Subramanian,the author of this book- The Best-seller She Wrote is well known for his thriller-banking books.

This is his first take on romance intrigue-to reach out to that large mass of people who prefer romance over thriller. Not like this book is any different from his other books,except the genre and the story-line of course.
There are elements of his other books in this one as well- the job that Aditya does other than writing is of banking,and some characters are easily identifiable,while some are based on real ones.

One of the themes the author has enlightened is the way manuscripts,these days,are selected by some publishers and how easily a new-bie can get known and become a best-seller author,when supported by another best-seller author. This maybe a possible reason for some pretty weird and crappy books that come out every year.

I found the book unputdownable,because it is intriguing and makes us see through the eyes of a man,that what’s his view on extramarital affairs.

Normally,such books are concentrated on a poor woman and her life after her lover’s betrayal. Usually woman getting distraught and how she ends up becoming a powerful personality.
In this book,author presents another point of view. What happens when an aged man falls for a young girl,loses his well-nurtured family and after waking up from sleep,how he wants to correct everything,because all of sudden his love for his wife strikes again? When he comes to know about the betrayal yet remains in love with the woman? Is Aditya good or bad? Is shreya wrong or directed wrong? Is forgiving someone that easy?

I also found the author’s way of narration interesting and simple. The words have been knitted together to form simple sentences,and thus forming a perfect story.

The Bestseller She Wrote is fast paced and an easy read. It has like a whole lot of twist and turns waiting for you to get revealed,while the climax will definitely surprise you.

A one-time read book.

Rating- 4/5

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Story of My Mother!

“This post is a part of#UseYourAnd activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette Venus“.
“Either stay in your limits like any wife stay like or leave the damn house!”- Whenever she tried to say something,my father would shut her off.

“Either live like the way I want you to live,or leave the house!”-My mother would hear from him,whenever she would try to cross my dad’s already assigned limits for her.
‘Why this? Why cannot I make a choice? Why do I always need to choose between the two given options. Am I no one to myself?’-My mom would spend her nights,thinking.
She was not tied to do any thing she wanted,it was like she didn’t has the idea of embracing her “AND”.
She always used to try to choose between choices,that too the choices others would put infront of her. She was not allowed to talkback I suppose,that was the reason why she faced so much humiliation.
But with changing time,mom started sensing the importance of her ‘AND’. She raised her voice,as she thought her husband would hear her and let her do whatever she wanted to do. But no! Time changed,she changed,but what didnot change was my dad’s mentality. He shut her down again.
Time passed a bit more,and one day came a lady,who was so close to our family. She asked mom,if she would like to join the school,she was working in. My mom was ready but again,for my family,rituals and traditions were important. Mom’s marriage was quite fresh that time,and her going out the house that too for working,was not correct according to their so called tradition.
My mom remained quiet that time too,for she didnot know the real face of them. Some more years later,after I was born and maybe like studying in class eighth,My granny died because of something complicated. Mom was broken,yet she smiled,maybe for me and my brother (yes he had taken birth too).
Time never stopped passing and life slowly came on the track-well this’s what she thought. I’d grown up by that time and was in class tenth when the whole scenerio started and continued.
Dad was acting strange those days,no sweet talks no laughs,instead his eyes used to stare my mom like she was some criminal. After a whole week of staring thing,my dad decided to do something. Something I couldn’t believe he would do to anyone.
There was this boy and his family who were living in the vacant rooms,present upstairs,as tenants. And that was where all this got started. My dad had started doubting my mom,over that boy;as if her and that boy were involved in a secret affair.
Now,the schedule had changed,so was the dad. Mom used to hear the tantrums,the beatings,but all of all she was surviving and that was enough for her. Maybe or maybe not. Afterall she was a human too like us,after like the torture of two-three months,she decided to not give up now. In our family,’daughter-in-laws’ were not supposed to do any work or to step outside their respective house. My mother had faced everything till the time,she decided to step out of her limits. She started applying for the job in the every school of the city,be it the big ones or say the small ones. But it didnot affect her determination.
From being an idealistic wife,she now also wanted to be a perfect teacher. She had almost erased all the ‘or’ of her life and was already working to accept the things all together. A month passed and there was still no response from the schools,she had applied for. Maybe,because she was not that educated or maybe she was not the one. Oh well,all her doubts got cleared when one fine day she was called from one nearby school to join. Though they agreed to take her in,but the salary was only 600 rupees. That was enough anyway for her,she’d started working because she wanted to forget everyday’s chaos not for the money.
Everything had become quite easy for her now,she would get ready everyday and would go to her school,after doing all the chores,she used to do before joining it. Days were passing so fast and we were growing too. (I and my brother). Mom wanted to make us capable enough to earn something for ourselves in future,unlike our father. For that,she needed to admit us in some CBSE school,but she knew she would need more money for that. She asked dad and to her luck he agreed too,that time we’re financially stable so studying in a good school was not an issue. Again there were my relatives to stand as an obstacle in the path. They tried to distract my mom,but my mom was one stubborn lady and had decided to take this decision,without any compromise.
In the end she succedeed,my grand paa used to say-“You are here to change my son,just change him”.
We had become mature enough to understand our mom’s problem,but we could do nothing about that instead of studying. My brother was still innocent to understand anything,but he was good in studies. So he was not a problem at all.
Mom was worried about me and her worry was breaking her inside or maybe she was transforming into more strong woman. And I was right,she was now more ferocious,straight-forward and talkative woman. She would fight back all the talks dad would do to her,about her affair. She was now one strong woman,and for being one,
she need not to repeat the beatings she was having everyday from dad. Dad and his mentality couldnot be changed but her personality has changed from then to now. If we speak about her current job,then let me tell you she is now working as a teacher in one of the best schools here,with a good salary. My dad doesnot beat her now,but he does torture us mentally. I am now an emotional wreck and still trying hard to be like her;On the other side mom was not at all an emotional freak,maybe she has found the real meaning of her. Now she doesnot make choices,she just does whatever she feels like doing for her children.
Maybe,just maybe my mom’s story is not that interesting to read for you,but she always used to say to me:
“Being a strong woman is not about behaving like a man. Instead, it is about embracing your femininity and showing it to the world, while making sure that you take control of the things that you’re doing and get them done.”
This is why motherhood is one of the best proofs of how strong women can be. Addition to this she is the woman who never cared for the labels people put her with,she created her all labels on her own,without the limits of any one. She is the lady who made me write this story to show all the women the power of faith,belief and most of all the power of “AND”.

Rock the world with your pen.
Ritu ❤

Entangled Lives – #CelebrateBlogging #GameofBlogs – Chapter 25

Hi, guys,

We, the team Potliwale Baba, are writing a fictional story as a part of #CelebrateBlogging – Game of Blogs.


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Time passed really fast, it felt like it took just a moment for him to get back to the police station from the cafe.

Java took the key out from his bike’s lock, assuring himself that he’d locked it already. He marched inside the station to get a team ready for his final destination – Jennifer’s house!

A team of four male constables and one female constable was all that he needed for his this job.

“The idea of including a female constable in the team for that young lady will surely work; God only knows how she’d react when I inform her about this search. God am I a genius,” Java grinned to himself and walked out.

It was 4 in the evening by the time the pack of wolves showed up at the rabbit hole.

Java being the head of operations, knocked the door. As expected, a sleepy and dazed Jenny in her typical blue razorback and denim shorts opened the door.

“Hello Miss Jennifer,” Java smiled crookedly and entered her house, totally ignoring her presence with his team trailing behind him.

“What are you doing here?” Jenny asked with anger slowly building up in her voice.

“Nothing much. I, with my team here, wanted to explore the flat of the most talented ‘Photographer’,” Java replied while making sure to air quote the word photographer.

“What do you mean Mr. Jawalkar?”

“Well, I had this thought troubling me that your sudden meeting with Mrs. Dutta in the café couldn’t have been a mere co-incidence, so, being an intelligent officer enquired about your presence at the café from the manager of the same café and guess what…”

Jenny cut him off mid-sentence in a low tone.

“You found out about the truth, I know!”

“Bingo!!” Java squealed with pleasure, then quickly regaining his composure, “So tell me, why did you kill the maid Naina?” Java asked curiously.

“What the…! Hey! I did not kill her,” making sure her point was emphasized, she continued, “agreed I started going to that café because I wanted to meet Mrs. Dutta and get her to hire me as the photographer she’d been seeking,” Jennifer tried to fight back.

“Oh well, Jennifer, a thief would never say ‘he is a thief’, so as you. I don’t believe you. And if you know you’re clean, you have nothing to fear while we search your house and belongings,” Java said, all the while circling Jenny like a hungry wolf. He immediately ordered his team to start their work.

“What? Why? You can’t just search my flat like this damn it!” Jennifer yelled.

“Calm down young lady. Don’t worry, we’ve all the necessary orders and paper work done for you,” Java replied calmly handing her the search warrant.

Meanwhile, the team started rummaging through all things available. After going through the several drawers, lockers and bed-sides, Java was getting disappointed about not finding a single useful evidence until his eyes landed upon an old rusty, locked box.

Suddenly coming back to life, the two in him devils started, “Seems like, this is what you’re seeking for Java!’ the first devil’s voice spoke to him. The next seemed to be egged on with this and added, “Go on Java, make it your day. This is what you were waiting for!”

He mentally nodded and then turned to see now a totally color drained face of Jennifer.

“Miss, I want the keys and that shall be now!” Java ordered, gesturing his thumb towards the box.

“Well… uh… I have lost the key long ago!” Jenny’s stuttering voice was saying the truth about hiding a ‘truth’ and a major one at that.

“It is strange you keep a box and have not bothered to have it opened despite losing the keys! I’ve my own ways Miss Jenny to open such boxes, your loss!” Java laughed blankly and ordered one of his constables to open the lock.

“Sir! It’s open now,” the Constable called out to Java, who was staring at Jenny’s tanned legs with his eyes full of lust.

“I can see that you idiot!” Java scolded the poor guy for disturbing him, then moved towards the old box.

“Oh wow! Look what I found Miss Jenny, a gold mine! Would you like to guess? Oh forget it, you know it already, don’t you? Photographs of you and Virus, gifts and other proof of your invisible relationship with that Virus guy, seems like it’s my lucky day. Care to explain this Miss Jenny?” Java asked his target who seemed to be devastated and shivering by now.

“That was my past Inspector, leave it alone will you, ” Jenny replied, trying to form more words.

“Oh I see! I would like to see your cell phone and laptop as well?” Java demanded.

Jenny protested but then realized that it would be of no help against a lecherous bastard like Java. “Do I have an option? Here!” Jenny handed him her phone and laptop reluctantly.

He ordered his team to immediately pull out her call records from the mobile service provider and made note of her mobile number himself. After spending some time, which felt like few hours, on her phone and laptop, “Sorry again Miss Jenny, as per your explanation he’s your past, in that case, can you explain this?” Java asked her pointing to a folder on her laptop hard disk named ‘Our moments’ full of photographs of Cyrus and her.

By then, he had also received the call records with a list of frequently dialed numbers. “If he’s your past, can you also explain why have you made so many calls to him in the last few days?” Java asked this time with even more emphasis on his words.

“Thief… got caught red handed, now tell me the truth about why the two of you pretended to be complete strangers?” Java enquired.

“Enough Inspector. I’ve all our memories saved yet because I did not break up with him, he did. Cyrus and I loved each other over a year back. We were in a relationship, but he, due to reasons best known to him, called it off! And believe me Inspector, we hadn’t been in contact even once after that. I literally hated him after our break up. Had I known beforehand about his presence at Dutta’s, I would have never ever visited that forsaken place, I swear. I was surprised to see Cyrus in that house. In fact, he moved on.” Jenny stammered it all out, all that she could in one breath, with an emphasis on the last sentence.

While on the other side, the two voices in Java’s head had started teasing him again.

Turning to the left, trying to listen to the first one, “Interesting, Java, I bet she’s lying,” the first voice screamed.

“Or maybe Cyrus and Jenny are the main culprits behind this whole murder, Java,” interrupted the other voice forcing him to turn to his right.

The bickering continued for a while, each drawing Java’s attention more than the other. Finally, Java nodded his head to left, then to the right and shut off both the voices in his head at once.

“Hmm… Jenny and Virus… both had been behaving as strangers although they’ve had a romantic history… Interesting! A further interrogation is needed I am sure,” Java thought; then turning towards Jenny who now appeared to be shivering even more in fear now that her cat was out of the bag, he laughed triumphantly and came close to Jenny.

“Like I said before, I don’t believe you lady. Reach the police station with your lover boy tomorrow at 9 am sharp” pausing to give a thought, “and don’t think of giving it a miss, Miss, or you’ll be arrested,” he added while mentally slapping her on her hind side and relishing the feeling of doing it really.

“Come on people, let’s go!!” Java screamed and left the house.

Little did he know that the killer whistled and started to write

One word, four letters
changes our lives
One word, four letters
changes our lives
Stab my heart
And cut my chest
Take my heart
And eat the flesh
~continued here

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Entangled Lives #5 – #CelebrateBlogging

Day 4-Chapter 5 – Entangled Lives

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Kids normally of her age would probably be doing anything but not this. What she was doing at this tender age, should not be done, not when her busy mother and writer dad were busy arguing over a phone call ,and neglecting their 9 year old’s calling for danger. Risking her own life to save a kitten’s was not something a 9-year-old girl ever thought she would do. But then again, calling her a ‘normal’ kid would be an understatement. She’s much more than, what she seemed like. She too had those two ponytails, right above her two small perfectly shaped ears, her tall tanned body adds beauty to her. The only thing that made her different from other kids of her age was her hyper and full-of-energy attitude. Her thirst of thrilling adventure was not ‘normal’ for a kid, not even for an adult.

And this day too, she was trying to set up an extraordinary attempt of saving a kitten. There she was, climbing up the closest tree, next to an apartment building, doing all these to rescue the same beige kitten, from which she’d got those claw marks from, while counting its nails after she picked it up randomly down the street when she went to for playing.

The kitten seemed very terrified of heights, and it was evident from the horrid look on its face. It was sitting on the uppermost branch of the tree meowing. Roohi, dressed in red blouse and high waisted shorts with the converse sneakers, was trying hard to climb the tree with the crowbar in her back pocket, just in case if there’d be any need for it.

Her intention was to climb the tree, get the kitten, and shimmy back down the tree. She knew kittens were not cooperative when any random stranger would try to grab them, she had the experience before, but that didn’t stop her from making her plan successful. As she climbed the upper branch of the tree, her energy level was dropping and her heart thumped rapidly like it would come out of her small rib cage. Her small yet strong hands moved towards the ‘poor’ kitten, who of course at first tried to attack the girl with its small claws. But her hands didn’t stop, inspite of the pain she felt from those sharp-edged tiny claws of the animal that stretched three long lines down her palm, allowing the warm liquid to ooze out. She grabbed the kitten quickly, not wanting to waste the time, nor the blood that was oozing from her body.

” Kitty, go now! Thank me later, yeah?” She said with a chuckle after letting the kitten go from the grasp of her little hands. She shrugged off all the dust and fur from her clothes.

And that’s when her father noticed her from their house’s window and sprinted out of the door towards her.

” Roohii…what are you doing here baby and what happened to your clothes?” A concerned manly voice attracted her attention and she turned towards the source of the voice, smiling again with the dimples forming on her chubby cheeks.

“Nothing, dad! I was playing with a kitten, but now it left,” she answered smartly to her father, who had missed the adventurous show just by a moment’s time.

” No worries, Sweety, it’ll come back when you are done with your milk,” said her father, showing her the glass of milk that she’d left on the table earlier.

“No daddy, I don’t want to drink that, pweeasee!” The girl said in her baby voice, of course to melt her father’s heart.

” Okay then, don’t drink, but at least come inside, we’ll have some cookies together baby. Don’t say a NO now”  Her father was almost pleading to his daughter, with puppy-dog eyes.

” Okie daddy, as you say,” she said and ran inside the house, closing  the front door behind.

She was none other than the apple of of Mr. Shekhar and Ms. Tara Dutta’s eyes – Roohi, Roohi Dutta.

‘Enjoying the feeling of adventure and danger’ was on the top of the list of her list, which she once made when her school teacher had asked her to prepare.

Many a times, her father and mother were forced to re-think about their daughter’s blood bonding with them. They used to think harder, if she got replaced in the hospital. But, of course that all was foolish enough to even imagine. She was their daughter- their blood. What confused them most likely was how she’d got this much courage and variablity in her genes. Her courage, her weird likings and her hatred towards their suggestion of watching television, her dis-likings made them bite their fingers hard that they were always in an attempt of trying to stop and protect her.

But who could stop a tornado ? Yeah, she was one, she never stops doing extraordinary stuff and soon they surrendered themselves, for they knew now, not every girl in this world could get this talent and courage.Their daughter was ‘something’, they least expected as an outcome.

” What happened to your right palm, come here?” Mr. Dutta asked wondering, what his daughter did this time.

” Nothing, daddy, just an adventure!” She replied with her twinkling eyes & ran away.

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Srilakshmi Indrasenan, Sneha Bhattacharjee, Hemantkumar Jain, Shameem Rizwana, Shoumik De, Nirav Thakker, Tushar, and myself Ritu Pandey.

Entangled Lives #3 – #celebrateblogging

Hi, guys,

We, the team Potliwale Baba, are writing a fictional story as a part of #CelebrateBlogging – Game of Blogs.


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Mumbai never sleeps, for the nocturnal life in the most glamorous city of India habitually consists of half-baked brats, criminals, sick patients, night duty watchmen, and of course writers.

Sitting in his study, surrounded by a stack of classics and transitory fiction paperbacks, Shekhar Dutta was having a staring contest with a blank paper. And he was indeed losing it. He wasn’t against technology; a kindle, an anniversary gift from Tara, was there on the table as a proof. He also used his Dell laptop for research purposes, at least that’s what he claims. Most of his time is spent in trying to find nitpicks that he can publish in local newspaper, in his words, ‘Just to pay the bills’. But when it comes to real writing, nothing can replace the feel of paper on your wrist. He was the old-school type and he was old too. From his eccentric childhood and troublesome teenage he learnt more than a few ways by which he can hide himself behind a smile and habituated to blissful nature, to blend in with others. But at the time of writing, as Gallico said, “You have to bleed”. This was the moment when he was more open and vulnerable. That’s the reason he was awake at 2:45 AM, to be alone. But tonight was different.

The click on the lock and sound of door opening announced the arrival of his wife, Tara. As soon as Tara enters the house she calls to her maid, who was clearly woken up by the bang sound of Tara’s arrival, saying, “I will not have dinner, and get a medicine for headache.”

“Ah, finally. The provider of this home has arrived. Now I can sleep in peace knowing there will be food tomorrow.”

Shekhar said across the hall.

“Not tonight. It was a long day.” Tara said.

“And half of the night.”

“I’m really exhausted. I don’t have any energy left to waste on you,” Tara said undressing the formals and heading toward the powder room.

“You never do, my love.” Shekhar said, slumping back on his chair and thinking how there was a time when his marriage life was picture-perfect, may be too perfect to believe that it was true. But only pictures never change.

It’s not that there is no love anymore, but it’s just not a priority anymore.

“Roohi in bed?” Tara asked coming out of the powder room in a bathrobe.

All the coherent thoughts that formed in Shekhar’s mind went in the dark again. He loved his daughter, she was the reason he decided to be a stay-at-home dad. In his words again, she was the ‘light of his life’. But now, maybe the inferiority complex was getting unbearable or maybe the past he endured so long was at last creeping out or maybe just the priorities have changed.

“So kind of you to remember our daughter, she is in next room watching Showtime,” he said.

“Can’t you give a straight answer to anything? Save the mockery for your writing,” she said glancing at the blank paper.

“Sorry. I am not at right place. I read her Stardust, she fell asleep in the 2nd “I know it is getting hard for you, and I am not around much too, but it is a big project and everything I am doing is for us. If all goes as per the plan, we could enjoy a vacation at month’s end. Where do you wanna go?” She asked climbing the bed.

“Somewhere alone,” he grunted.

“I am no writer, but don’t they say ‘write what you know’? People are writing about their college flings and they are the bestsellers.”

“The first thing to go in a doomed society is art. All these so-called bestsellers, novels, movies and music are crap.”

“Then write some crap. I’m tired of this glooming Shekhar. You must have some interesting experiences too, why don’t you write about your teenage?”

“Sure, honey. Goodnight”

“I was just trying to make a conversation here,” she said dragging the sheets over her head.

“Why I don’t want to write about my teenage? Well, because I don’t want to go in prison,” Shekhar thought.

~to be continued here

“Me and my team are participating in ‘Game Of Blogs’ at #CelebrateBlogging with us.”

Our Team Members: Srilakshmi Indrasenan, Sneha Bhattacharjee, Hemantkumar Jain, Shameem Rizwana, Shoumik De, Nirav Thakker, Tushar, Ritu Pandey.

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The girl downed the
contents of the shot
glass in one quick
movement,flinching as
she swallowed.Her
eyes were locked with
his from across the
room,as they had been
for the past few
minutes.She paused for
a moment,as if to
muster up the courage,
then grabbed her tiny
black bag and teetered
over to him on
unsteady feet.
“So at what point were
you planning on coming
over to say hi?”she
purred in his ear,ignoring the looks she was receiving from his two large companions.He grinned.
“Depends on how
strong a drink I’m
having,”he told her,
swirling the heavy
Russian vodka around in
the almost-empty
glass.His arm went
around her waist as she settled into his lap,
seemingly at-ease in
her new environment.
“Wait”she said,putting a hand on his chest and looking straight into his eyes.
“I’m big on names.What’s yours?”
“Nilay Shekhawat,”he
told her,and her eyes
flashed before she let
out a moan.
“Nilay.That’s so hot,”
she whispered.
“Come on.I want you, and I know you want me.Pay the
right price and your
evening will be nice.”
She winked at him.
He raised his eyebrows
and exchanged a smirk
with his companions
before allowing her to
take him up the stairs
to her room.She slid her
key into the slot and
threw the door open,
sauntering in.His eyes
focused on the view he
had from behind her as
he shut the door behind
him.His friends stood
outside the door,but
she didn’t seem to
peeled off the black
shrug,leaving her
shoulders bare.She
turned to face him,a
coy smile on her lips.
She took three steps
towards him,grabbing
the lapels of his sports
jacket and helping him
take it off.His eyes
never left the bare skin
of her shoulders,her
arms,her chest.Hers
never left the holster
that held two
“Oh,my,”she gasped,
backing up quickly.She
sat down on the bed,
eyes not leaving the
guns.Her eyes brimmed
with tears as her gaze
met his.
“Who are you?”she
whispered,fear clinging
to her beautiful
“Shh,baby”he said,
shrugging the holster
off and kneeling in front
of her.He held her
cheek,caressed her
soft auburn waves.
“I’m not a cop,and I’m
not a criminal.”
A lie,and they both
knew it.But she
seemed reassured by
his touch,and the smile
reappeared on her face.
She kissed him quickly
and then threw him on
the bed,a fantastic
feat for their
proportions:she was
much thinner than he,
but what he didn’t
notice were the lean
muscles that looped
along her body.
She pulled out a pair of
fluffy pink handcuffs
from her bag and
winked when his eyes
widened at the sight.
“What can I say?I’m a
little kinky”she winked
and reached for his
wrists to lock them
together.When he
hesitated,she pouted.
“Oh,come on.Don’t tell
me you’re scared of a
little pink.”
He shifted his position
slightly,as if he was
“Bad memories.”His smile looked slightly forced,almost like he was trying to hide from her how he was actually feeling.She didn’t give off the appearance of
knowing that,however.
Instead,she grinned
and crawled towards
him from the foot of
the bed.
“Ooh,have you been
naughty?”she teased.
He smirked at her,
which was answer
enough for her.She
winked at him and took
one of his wrists,
clicking it into the cuff.
“I promise I won’t give
you anything you don’t
deserve,”she told him,
and clicked his other
wrist in place.Then, her
hazel eyes widened.
“I have to take care of
something”she said,
giving him a sexy half-
“I’ll be right back!”she pressed a chaste kiss to his cheek and disappeared into
the bathroom.He lay
there against the
pillows and sheets,
waiting patiently for
the beautiful stranger
to return to him.She
went into the bathroom and pressed her lips to the wishbone pendant on the silver chain around her neck.Then,she took a deep breath,smiled at her reflection in the mirror,and headed back to him.
“Ready to have fun?”
she purred,climbing on
top of him.She grabbed
his shirt.
“Take this off”she ordered,voice
low and husky.She
watched through half-
closed eyes as he
hurried to do as she
said.He was tugging at
the figure-hugging
dress she wore when
the men crashed
through the window.
She leaped off of him and sprinted for the door,double-checking the locks and peeking out the hole to see if Nilay Shekhawat’s bodyguards had noticed the commotion.They were still standing there,waiting patiently for their boss to come out of the room.
She grinned in satisfaction,turning to survey the
scene going down in her
hotel room.
Shekhawat had been pulled from the bed and
forced to his knees..
Her Mission of ‘CATCHING THE MAFIA’ had been accomplished!
She was a silent hero,she’d taken the charge of throwing him down the cliff,he was standing onto.
Of that cliff of crimes,he was an ultimate king while for her normal life,he’d been a rapist-a devil who’d snatched her sister’s life.
She’s satisfied today.She’s the real Mardaani!

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