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Doing Laundry is definetely not a woman’s job.


“I am writing for#IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob activity in association with Ariel.”
A lady,trying hard to scrub her husband’s shirt all sweaty;When her eyes landed on an unfamiliar mark which was not there when her husband wore it before going to his office.
‘Must be his secretary-Taniya’-She thought,while fuming with anger. It was a matter of rage,after all a lip-stick mark is not what she longs everyday to see on his shirt after being one of those two by third (2/3rd) women who feel that they face inequality at home.
“Bitch!”-She cursed.
“Aradhya! Where are you?”- She called her husband’s name at the top of her voice.
“What babe?”
Aradhya came literally running.
“What is this?”-She asked showing the mark.
Without listening to his answer,she grabbed his collar and started running from her house to his secretary house,ignoring her husband’s wailing.
She stopped at his secretary’s door,literally banging it with all the force she has got.
A confused figure came out of the door,for sure his secretary.
“Bitch! I wash his clothes everyday so that you’d do this?”-She asked,throwing the shirt on her face.
“Babe,you are wrong!Please liste…”-Aradhya tried to speak.
“You shut up or you will do the laundry today! And you Miss whatever,wash this shirt and then ship it to our house. Got it?”
Above scene looks good only in serials or advertisement. An Indian woman cannot just threaten her husband to do laundry just because he is involved in some maritial affair,right?
It has been surveyed anyway that out of hundred percent males,76 % males think that it is only a woman’s job to do laundry. It is not new though,this belief has been continuing since ages,that all the household chores,either doing laundry or doing dishes,should be done only by women. A man is not born for this.
With time,things has changed so do men. But still doing laundry is considered as the woman’s job. Either the woman is a working lady or a house-wife,all she worries about also includes the tension of doing laundry. Even today,85% of the working women think that they are involved in two jobs-first at work,second at home.
And if they expect their husbands to help them in doing laundry,then they know they would release an arrow only in the darkness,without any target. It has been found too,that 73% of women think that their men give priority to their sleep,rather than helping them in their household chores.
Have you seen a man,going his office without proper shirt or literally naked because he has this excuse of his wife being on bed,so he’d no washed shirts to wear. No,ofcourse women cannot fall ill,not when it comes to her husband and children. She wouldnot leave their dirty clothes as it is. Well,that is why maybe 77% of men depend on their wives for their clothes,or for doing laundry.
An Indian female has achieved almost everything and has done everything which a male could have or could do respectively,but ofcourse except in the case of doing household chores she is still backward and doesnot have this strength to fight back. Those two by third males who prefer watching television than helping their wives should learn from those few males who have now learnt about the importance of their contribution in all the household chores their wives do everyday to feed them with their amazing services.
I have seen my father before too and watch now too. How time has changed him from an old thought man to a modern man. I’ve seen him scolding my mother and now I watch him helping my mother in doing laundry,which is actually a great thing to watch and experience. Many males have changed with time,and those who have not yet,they must learn from these.
To all those men who think household chores and especially washing clothes is assigned only to a woman,then remember this-
“Dear men,
A woman is not doing a job for you,neither is she your servant.
You don’t pay her for that!”

Rock the world with your pen.
Ritu ❤


My Aunt-My Role model

To me a role model is a person who has positively influenced someone in life,and is not a person filled with selfishness and greed. They help shape someone’s personality, and characteristics. They are people who someone can look up to for advice in a hard situation,and know that they will give those words of wisdom.They will never judge our past actions, instead only look to help because they really care….
A role model is someone who we should never feel awkward talking to about our problems.
A perfect role model for me is my ‘Aunt’.
I still remember how I started out as a paranoid,awkward,silent,hurt,and alone kid without the ability to feel,and she turned me into someone totally different.
With her help,I’ve learned to trust,even if only a few people right now,I’ve become comfortable with certain aspects of my life.I’ve begun to speak out.I’ve begun to heal. I’ve gained a family,and I’ve started to feel.
Humans are born to love, and they usually love someone–parents, aunts,uncles,siblings, etc.She taught me how to love,truly love, as in unconditionally. It’s amazing how she accomplished all this while dealing with her life,which is by no means a picnic.
I don’t have a clue why she would dub me worthy of all the frustration,pain,and hard work, but she did, and I’ll be forever grateful.
She hasn’t run away even though I have so many odd whims, health issues,and a grave lack of confidence.She’s stuck by me,encouraged me, supported me,and best of all, loved me.
Her words of wisdom inspired me and continues to inspire me today.She is one of the reasons that I am the person who I am today and partially responsible for where I stand as of today.I love her with all of my Heart!
She would always tell me how bright and beautiful I was both inside and out.
I still remember how she used to take my side when I was right with my point and my dad used to scold me.
I still remember how she considered me and my brother a diamond in the rug,she believed in me,and that’s the reason why I call her my dearest second mom.
She is constantly selfless and has such an amazing view of the world which keeps her positive and striving to better herself..
She gave me the confidence I need to stand up for myself and never ever be walked all over again.She never ceases to stick up for her loved ones and despite a couple bad choices,she always has the best intentions to help those she loves.
Her selfless work as a tutor still makes me feel mesmerized.
There’d always be a competition between I and my brother to show her our talent and to get her blessings.
When I am asked who my role model is,top role model to be exact, I think of my mother. My mother has played so many roles in my life,helping me to become the young woman I am today.
But in my professional life one could say how important my aunt is for me.
She inspires me so much.She taught me to always believe in myself and how hard work and determination can help you reach any goal.I don’t know what I would do without her. She is practically my other half and best friend and I don’t know what I would do without her.
I am who I am because of this beautiful woman,I’ve got my luck stuck with.
These two women are another set of role models for me by far. My Aunt is one of the most inspirational people I know right next to my mommy.My aunt has had numerous obstacles thrown her way but always found the strength and will power to overcome them and better herself. She is always behind me 100% and one of my biggest support systems.
What else would be needed if I’ve two of the strongest ladies as my role-model,and I am sure success is not far away,if I’ve these people as my idols.
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A Person who always enlightened the path of success-My Mother.

Ever wonder what a plant would be without its base,or without its roots?
Ever wonder what would you be today without your ‘Mom’..?
The first women we learn from are usually our mothers.Not always,but often the first role models for how we want to be as women in the world is our mothers.
The women around us are those from whom we learn what it means to BE a woman – and how to enact our strength and our femininity.
There is so much we learn from our mothers – both- what we want to do and what to avoid – and we are immensely grateful to them (at least, I know I am for mine!).
For me, I learned kindness, acceptance, connecting, and open-mindedness from my mother.My mother has showed [ still showing ] her emotions, including her love and affection, for me and my brother.I saw her cry when she was hurt, and smile, laugh and sing when she was happy.
My mom is the one that always comes off the train or bus with new friends (with whom she’s bragged about me). I used to be embarrassed that she talked about me, but now I’m glad that she’s proud, and realize it’s part of who she is.
She’s the one who keeps in touch with people for 50 years, and the one who loved all of my friends, no matter how much trouble they’d gotten into.
There are a number of traits for which I look to my mother as an example. I am lucky she is my mom.
However,when it comes to the professional setting, I didn’t always know how to behave since I had no example to follow. Sometimes this was a good thing – I used my friendliness to get me through, and got to decide how I wanted to interact with my professional colleagues. Sometimes this wasn’t such a good thing – like when I didn’t know how to deal with difficult people in the workplace, or what to ask for from my principals and mentors. [ Ah yes I am a teacher ]
Role models are so important,and I am glad for the example my mother set for me.
My mother embodied the qualities that we need to grow into as we grow older — especially simplicity and a connection with the sacred. For all those blessed to be in her orbit, it felt as if these dimensions of life were taken care of.
While our goal at the beginning of life is to see what we can make of it, my mother use to say that as we grow older, the goal is to see what it can make of us.
My mother is the ultimate non-thing person.
For instance, there was the time we tried to give her a second watch for her birthday, only to have her give it to someone else two days later.
“I already have a watch,”she used to explain.
This is ‘She’,patient and satisfactory.
Night after night, she would sit at the edge of my bed and listen intently to the things about life that hurt my feelings or made me confused. She’d also listen to all of the dreams and ambitions I had coursing through my imagination. I wallpapered my room with maps from National Geographic magazines, and my Mom would spend hours listening to me talk about the places in the world I wanted to go and the people I wanted to meet. That in itself is giving; caring about somebody, listening to them, and being a friend.
My Mom would do that for you too because that’s just who she is.
My mother took control of her own status and defined her own worth. So she was freed from the petty turf wars and ugly envy of the status game, freed from fear about how “they” ranked her and what privileges “they” would bestow on her. By deciding her own worth and radiating the confidence that comes with this, she was secure in her status regardless of her life’s circumstances. Getting rid of the fear that the status game generated allowed my mother to connect in a much deeper way with people at all levels of life.
She cut through hierarchies and showed everyone fortunate enough to come into contact with her that we’re all cut from the same cloth.
She approaches life by liking everybody,and because this feeling of trust and connection is contagious, everybody likes her right back.
Her solutions to problems would sometimes seem simple and obvious, but that was because of the fearlessness and trust with which she approach the world and move through it.
I am blessed to have my own mother as my ultimate fearless role model. She and I are different in one key way: She lives in the rhythm of a timeless world, a child’s rhythm; I live in the hectic, often unnatural rhythm of the modern world. While I have the sense every time I look at my watch that I am running out of time,she lives in a world where a trip to a market happily fills half a day,where there is always enough time for wonder at how lovely the rosemary looks next to the lavender.In fact, going through the market with her is like walking through the Louvre with an art connoisseur,except that you could touch and smell and taste the still-lifes.
Being with her is just ‘wow’ and considering her my rolemodel is just ‘perfect’.
She’s always enlightened the path of success in my life and somewhere she’s still doing the same.
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On the day,when IPL every year is set to begin,understanding fan-following would also shed light on how people are avid fans of their IPL teams and players every year.
It’s that time of the year when people automatically come up with innovative excuses to bunk work or a class,just so they can kick back and enjoy a game of cricket.
With the ongoing IPL,cricket fever has truly set in.One can see all over the television before a big match,how fans pray in groups,give donations,spend thousands of bucks,see crazy predictions happening and many such things so that our team wins.
Step into any sports lounge or restaurant,all the eyes are riveted on the television screen.A typical work day wil have people frantically googling the scores or using the new STARSPORTS.COM app
while weekends are usually marathon cricket watching sessions.
Elaborate plans are already being made to host house parties in sync with matches and the excitement is almost palpable.
Being a crazy fan myself,and seeing a nation obsessed with this sport so much,so that people can kill or get killed just over a game of cricket,has always fascinated me.
I’ve been a cricket lover since childhood.Back then we would switch on the television only when sachin was batting.
But as I understud the game,esp. IPL,my love for it grew.These days I wudn’t miss any match unless I’ve an exam that day.This month and possibly next too are going to be nothing but cricket for me.
Whether,I’ve to take a day off from the college,or have to try something crazy,but I’d never miss a match,that too Pepsi IPL.
I still remember,that lame excuse I’ve made last friday only to get a day off when I was scheduled to work at college as there were some curricular activities,that too when You’re a reputed girl of your college.
The excuse,ofcourse was to call off sick-but the college authorities were much clever than me.They learned from the tricks we played-so anyone calling off sick on IPL friday will have to get a doctor’s certificate and fortunately,it’s easy for me to get one as my friend was doing the same,so I asked him for a “sick” note,and then the next day,the note was waiting for me.
It’s like god was happy with me,so my this excuse worked,but there were times,when no excuse worked,and then there worked my STARSPORTS.COM app,which did help me to follow up my matches.
Introducing features like Fastest Scoreboard,Zip Clips,Action Recap and Deferred Live so well suiting the addicts like me and my not-so-busy yet busy life a lot.
This initiative by STARSPORTS.COM has definetely provided IPL enthusiasts a one-stop destination for not missing out on the action.
Finally,we’ve got our BULAWA!
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Indian people nowadays are going gaga over two currently happening activities-
Election and voting are still out of the range of us,while IPL is making us crazy to do anything or everything,we can do to not to miss a single shot,either by gales or by Dhoni…!
Most probably,there’d be no corner left untouched with the crazy spirit of IPL in Indians.
Bets are continued to be placed,while excuses seem to be the only option left for us-WE CRAZY CRICKET LOVERS.
I too made several excuses in order to get myself fit in a sofa with coke in one hand and popcorns in other,along with the happy shoutings as wel as upset cries.
Be it my excuse for skipping my classes,be it my excuse for rest..whatever excuses I’ve made,all worked mostly,yay,almighty helped me in those.
Either way,I have taken the help of app STARSPORTS.COM and even I visited the website too [ quite in rare cases ] just to make sure that I won’t miss any match of my favourite team-CSK or KXIP .
And til now,I never did miss a match,all thanx to my excuses and STARSPORTS.COM 's features.
I still remember my very legit excuse which I've made just to make my mother fool-
It was Sunday morning and ofcourse IPL had started too,being a lazy ass,I woke up quite late which was enough for my mother to get pissed.
Well,As I was aware of her habbit before,so I acted like I was inconscious and had no idea of my surroundings.
Being my loving mother,she got tensed and after seeing me in this condition,she touched my forehead,and fortunately It was warm enough to left her worried.
She didn't wake me up and left from there murmuring to herself something about my resting till evening.
I lied like a lazy ass on the bed and again slept til 7pm evening-yes miracle,I woke up exactly half past 7 in evening.
I didn't take bath even,didn't brush,nothing daily routine except One,when I'd to pee immediately.
So,ofcourse I watched the beginning of the match and could have watched the end on tv only,if power cut had not shown up.
But all thanx to STARSPORTS.COM with the help of its features,I did watch the match whole.
The two features of STARSPORTS.COM which helped me and changed my previous way of following the IPL are Deffered Live Feature and Fastest Scoreboard which did keep me and even stil keeping me up to date with the IPL.
We’re crazy about cricket and all these seem more than legitimate to that fact! has the fastest scorecard that delivers faster than anyone else and a free video streaming of the match that keeps serving us a brilliant service.!
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I am writing about #MyRoleModel as a part of the activity by Gillette India in association with
a person who has been my role model since the time I’ve came to know about the thick and thin of my life as well as the unseen realities of the world.
When I was in like standard 9th,there’s this man whose normal routine was enough for a child like me to refer him as #myrolemodel.
He was no other than my very loving grandpa,Ah yes! He inspired me a lot and may be just because of his principles,rules,and benevolent nature,I’ve his words and memories still marked in my mind.
Since He was a government servant,so the commuters for interceding were common for him.Once I was with him,while he was busy with his work,when a interceder came to him and began crying all of sudden,She was poor,I could say that as it was clear from her appearance.
The surprising incident occured afterwise,when my grandpa comforted her and asked me for a glass of water for her.
I quickly brought that and gave to the poor laday,for which She thanked me.I surprisingly felt good as it was new for me.She told grandpa that her ‘Rashan-Card’ has not been accepted by the Tehsildars,for She’d to take some documents from there,and they’re ignoring her as Her husband was handicapped.I felt bad for her and being a child,I thought grandpa wouldn’t help her.But to my surprise,he did,not only her help but went with her too,just only to help her.
She was a normal visiter,nothing special,so out of curiousity,I asked grandpa the reason behind his unpaid kindness;To which he replied-
“Dear,God’s watching your deeds,either good or bad.
If someone needs your help and if you’re capable enough to help him;Then you must help that someone,
Who knows,when tables’d turn and you’d be the one asking for help”
Those were the great lines by him and were enough for me to get inspired.
Today,he is not with me but his principles are!
My rolemodel,My Grand Pa!

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