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Three words for this book- Amazing, Amazing and AMAZING.
Wait! Did I repeat myself ?
Jokes Apart!

‘LET THE GAME BEGIN’ is the second book of a very talented Indian author- Sandeep Sharma.
The cover of the book where speaks volume about the story; the blurb itself is self-sufficient.
‘LET THE GAME BEGIN’ is a mixture of ‘OHs’ and ‘OOHs’ ; it indeed, is a combination of emotions ranging from friendship, love, betrayal and revenge.

Two kingdoms- Chaturanga and Sarprakt are at war with each other. But for Sarprakt, defeating Chaturanga is not just a piece of cake.

When the king of Chaturanga is blessed with a son, the whole kingdom is drowned in the celebrations; unaware of the unknown stratagem that is cooking in the other kingdom.
From here, starts the game of chess , which further becomes the main reason for the gruesome history, bloodshed and the destruction of a whole kingdom.

Years later, serial killings shock the people. The only evidence, police find every time a murder happens, is a chess piece and a message ( in a strange language ).
The only question that keeps you intrigued with this story is- ‘Why is chess a connecting link between these two different stories ? Is there any link between the unsolved mystery of past and the raising mystery of present..?

This book is absolutely enthralling to read, with all the ingredients of Drama, emotions, twists and turns. It, indeed is a delightful read and leaves the readers with strong ‘wanting-wanting’ feeling of more.

The author has successfully portrayed the elements of suspense and mystery. The story is not build within just a single era, instead along with one more.
The Plotting and the flow is so in pace, that every chapter ends in a cliffhanger.

Although, the major drawback in the book is that of editing and proofreading, but keeping that aside, the book, the plot and all the characters are perfectly made.

Overall, a thrilling read!


Book Cover : 5/5
Book Title : 4.5/5
Narration : 4/5
Story : 5/5

Overall Rate : 4.5/5





Kasak, a girl blessed with powers to predict the future. How does she do it ? How does she end up with such powers ? That’s what will be found in the book and its story. Will these powers help her to solve the biggest problem in her life ? Will she be able to solve the biggest mystery ?
After losing her family, Kasak becomes the part of a wonderful family, of her Uncle , Aunt , and cousin – Ravi, who is naughty yet an integral part of her life.


Jaydeep Khot, is a 21-year-old writer. An alumnus of Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics , he made a start in the literary world from his debut novel : 50 Miles – A Reverse Journey , while Envisage is his second book.


Title of the book is catchy and very impressive, along with the book’s size, which is relatively small, just shy of 80 pages.
A reader is mostly attracted to a new book by the creativity shown as its cover page.
The cover of “Envisage” is amazing as well as a curiosity-raiser.


The language is simple and softly written, which is a plus point for us, readers.
The book doesn’t include any troublesome vocabulary which would’ve made it harder to finish or read.


If the narration of a story is indeed beautifully done then, we can easily find ourselves engrossed in the story, which can be considered as a brownie point for an author.
This book’s story is inscribed simply yet with a flavour of suspense and mystery, that too concluded in the smallest suspense genre book ever.
Author’s introduction of ‘Taekwondo’ in the story is also worth praising.


1. Although the story is short and simple, yet one can find the storyline fast paced with all mysteries solving one after other in a fast pace.

2. Proper proof-reading could’ve made the story more powerful and impressive.


1. Short yet a page-turner.

2. Simplicity of the story and language is worth a praise.

3. The cover is pretty creative.

Nevertheless, the book is one fine , light read !



Anand was sitting there,right on one of the chairs,placed circularly around the round table present amidst the kitchen.
When again he heard the similar whispers,followed by chuckles and then someone playing piano.He felt the hair on his neck standing up slowly with the increasing sound of piano.
This has become the part of his daily routine;had he known the secret behind the walls of this haunted house before,he wouldn’t be staying here anymore.
His parents would not have bought this mansion,and probably they wouldn’t have got killed or may be disappeared somewhere.
Yes his parents died or that’s what one could assume from the silence which has been haunting the mansion since the time Anand started to live there after he’d completed his final year of engineering.
He still remembers that night before his result,when he’d got this strange call from the number-he’d saved in his cell phone under the name of his mother.
But,the voice on the other side of the phone was not at all of her,then “whose voice was that ?” This question had been entering to his brain,when that lady voice again spoke-“Anand!”Someone has assassinated your parents,and that ‘someone’ is waiting for you,don’t come here ever”
and the call ended,leaving anand dumbstruck!
“What’s happened right now??”He thought.
“Who was that lady,whom I was speaking too?”,”Why did she say that Mother and father got assassinated by someone?”
Several questions were piling up over his head and he instead of finding any answer,started packing up his stuff!
He’d to catch the first bus for going to his home town.
In between the questions and the hurry for reaching the home as early as possible,his mind had already ignored “the last two lines”-the lady said.
He was not all worried for his forthcoming result the next day and the arriving danger in his life.
After a journey of about 5-6 hours,he was finally standing infront of the mansion.
He could feel something unusual around him in the surroundings.The chills which were going through his spine with the mere thought of something unexpected and supernatural was already killing his confidence.
After heaping up his remaining confidence together,he entered the mansion.
And for his surprise,no one was there.
“Where’s mom and dad?”He thought now being a quiet scared.
He was thinking of calling them,when a sudden “thud” interrupted his train of thoughts.
He turned around and gasped.
The front door has closed.
“How?”He thought.
“Probably by the wind”He shrugged the thought,for at that time his main concern was “HIS PARENTS”
But where were they?
Suddenly,he heard a faint cry.
Till that moment unlike anybody else who would be standing there shocked,he had already left,to go in the direction of the continuos screams and cries coming from somewhere,inside of any of the room.
After walking about for like 10 minutes,he stopped outside a huge room on the end part of the hallway.
He found that the voices were coming from somewhere inside,now he could feel the tension around him.
Ofcourse,that was scary,and that would have scared the shit out of anybody who would be there.
At the chilly and cold weather of December,he could feel the tiny droplets forming on his scalp and the tickling they’re causing while rolling down through his forehead.
How the hell,could that be possible..?
The door was having a large sized lock hanging on it,that too with an apperance which could prove its old and rusty presence to anyone!
His eyes opened wide,when he noticed the faint cries,he’s listening a while before were already transformed into the devilish chuckles.
He was about to say something,when he heard that lady voice again which he’d heard in the morning.
“Anand!So You’re here! You shouldn’t have come here.You’ll regret this coming of yours soon.”
Again he heard a demonic laughter and then a mixture of several horrondous,demonic voices together calling his name-
This’s it! This was the development of a new feeling in his mind – Terror.
Though the spirits never hurted him during the span he lived there ALONE but until when? And what would happen when his friends would join him?
Yes Everything was alright till the time he stayed here alone,but the only tension he was having currently was totally valid.
For,he has no idea about the harm the spirits would cause to his friends.
Possibly,He has this guardian lady but not his friends have one.
He was thinking all of this when someone tapped his shoulder.
He turned around only to found his friend Shraddha with a smile.
“Fuck!They’re already here!”Anand murmured under his breath and somehow,managed to smile.

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